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You probably heard that there are plenty Anime direct download web sites that provide PSP Anime downloads? But keep in mind that not all of them are good, since some of them may have poor content so be careful when joining an Anime related web site. Since most of them usually have membership fees, and they can be as high as $20 per month you shouldn't rush and join the first web site you see. In order to not get disappointed I personally believe you should research first.

In my experience out of 10 web site only one was worth joining, others were lacking in content. For example, I couldn't find the episodes I wanted to watch, plus there were no PSP Anime downloads, and I am not even mentioning how long it took their support to answer. But the good news is that I have picked my favorite Anime download web site and I can tell that I literally fell in love with it.

It is the largest Anime download web site on the Internet, period. Plus, unlike other Anime web sites it offers PSP Anime downloads and there are not recurring billing. The membership fee is pennies compared to what you will spend on other quality Anime download web sites but I can tell that this one is way better than those I have tried before.

Tow things I love the most are: 1) they do not limit the amount of connection which basically means you can download 10 episodes at the same time, 2) they have pretty much every episode of every Anime and Manga series, and I am not talking about all the music, games and other things available for download. Anyway, you can read a review I found and get PSP Anime downloads in less than 2 minutes because it's as simple as 1-2-3.

Lewis Dixon enjoys watching Anime and Manga TV series and Movies. Find out which web site has the largest Anime and Manga collection on the Internet.


Author: Lewis Dixon

PSP Anime Downloads

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How to Download to PSP

So, you're a PSP game and music fan. You've got a Sony PSP and you want to play more than just games. You are probably wondering big time how you download music and films etcetera to your Sony PSP. To be honest it is amazingly easy to do. It takes only a few minutes to do each song. You could be listening to all your favorite in no time at all. Plus the coolest games available.

Firstly you cannot connect your PSP direct directly to the web unless you own a wireless router. You can however, download the PSP MP3 files from special PSP download websites, these include many great games, e-books, videos and lots of other stuff. After you have saved each file to your computer hard drive you must then transfer it over to your PSP. PSP music must be in the proper format or it will not play properly, even if you use a file that is a standard mp3 one. It still must be in the specific MP3/PSP format.

You need a special USB cable that will connect from your computer to the PSP plus a ripper program that copies mp3 music files to the Sony PSP format. A good standard software program is the CD MP3 Ripper, and this will be able to do pretty much anything you need to do. Once you have saved the mp3 files, all you need do is select from the options menu the "PSP Audio Format", and the file will be saved correctly.

There is an infinitely easier alternative to doing this manually! There are many websites who specifically target PSP downloads. They are offering ready formatted PSP music, videos and games all immediately downloadable. Some of these are free of charge (with usually quite limited choices) but the better ones have usually a single one off charge, subsequently you can download songs to your PSP, as many as you want! In addition, you get PSP videos, games and all the extras. When you join a PSP download club they will always supply all software instructions to convert normal files to PSP compatible formats. A complete step-by-step instruction showing how to convert Sony MP3 files from normal mp3 files and then put them on your PSP.

I know this for sure, I've attempted to do this manually and it took me quite some time before I got anything to work properly, and after seeing how long this entire process was taking, I just gave up and joined a PSP download site! You can do 1 song quickly, but if you want a hundred tunes, forget it.

So, do you want to begin downloading cool things to your PSP?

Author: Eddie Wolfe is an online businessman who specializes in web based product reviews. For more information -

How to Download to PSP

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O2 XDA 2i Tomtom Crash Workaround

Having purchased a bluetooth GPS receiver for my O2 XDA 2i, I was a little disappointed that the Tomtom software that I had also purchased would crash every 5 or 10 minutes. This is infuriating because it's not something that you can fix on the move with 1 hand. I would have to stop the car, remove the PDA from it's holder, perform a soft reset which takes a couple of minutes, reconnect to the bluetooth GPS receiver, start the Tomtom software, put the phone back in it's holder, then carry on with my journey. Now imagine doing this 3 or 4 times throughout your journey!

Having searched for a fix on the internet I came up with a range of suggestions from XDA Developers. Some suggestions involved upgrading the memory card to one with a faster read/write transfer rate, which I did but still no joy. I still had the infuriating crashing problem!

I then had a brainwave after receiving an SMS message on the move. When I received the message the phone crashed in it's usual way, still infuriating you might think, but it gave me that Eureka moment. I realized that whenever the phone part of my PDA was attempting to do something it caused the Tomtom software to crash. This would then explain why the XDA would crash every 5 or 10 minutes.

As you may or may not know, each mobile phone network is divided up into 'cells'. Each 'cell' is a region of the country that is covered by a mobile phone antenna. If you are travelling in a car or train there will come a point where you are moving between one cell and another. When this happens your phone (or PDA) will perform a handshake procedure to let the antenna know that you're entering a part of the country covered by that particular antenna. Now obviously this handshake procedure takes just enough resources so that it causes the PDA to crash. I then searched more on the internet for a fix to this problem but could find nothing so I took it upon myself to fix it.

Firstly I tried to find a way that I could disable the phone software part of the PDA while allowing the rest of the PDA software to function as normal, this would obviously mean that the phone functionality was inoperable throughout my journey but it's a small price to pay for not getting lost. Now I know what you're thinking "just enable flight mode" and while this would disable the phone software part, it also disables the use of the bluetooth stack which renders the bluetooth GPS receiver useless. One option is to remove the SIM card from the phone, while this would work it means taking the back off the phone and removing the battery which causes a soft reset and unnecessary hassle. There is another way!

Here's what I did:

  • Firstly go to start, settings, phone
  • Under security tick 'Require PIN when phone is used'
  • Input a memorable PIN for the phone part of your PDA
  • Navigate back to the main screen
How to disable just the phone part of the PDA:
  • From the main screen tap the antenna and signal icon at the top of the screen
  • Enable flight mode.
  • Tap the same icon again and turn off flight mode.
  • A screen will appear asking you for your PIN, at this point click 'cancel'.
  • Your PDA is now fully functioning apart from the phone part because you have denied access to the SIM card.

How to re-enable the phone part of the PDA:
  • From the main screen tap the antenna and signal icon at the top of the screen
  • Enable flight mode.
  • Tap the same icon again and turn off flight mode.
  • A screen will appear asking you for your PIN, at this point enter the PIN that you chose previously.
  • The phone part is now functioning normally again.
It would be nice to have a proper fix to this problem so that I could receive phone calls and text messages on the move but I can live with this for now.
Author: John Applin. For more reviews, how to's, technical help go to

O2 XDA 2i Tomtom Crash Workaround

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