Today's Must Have Cell Phone Accessories

In today's climate of modern technology, it's not enough to simply have a cell phone. There are countless cell phone accessories available to enhance your ability to communicate anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. You want to be at the forefront of this technology--these 10 must have cell phone accessories will take your communication experience to the next level and make using your cell phone a breeze.

What are the 10 must have cell phone accessories for 2007?

Universal Bluetooth Keyboard: This full size keyboard comes with its own carrying case to make it more convenient for writing e-mails and typing notes on-the-go. The Universal Bluetooth Keyboard can turn your cell phone into a laptop for full communication anywhere, anytime. Because it's Bluetooth, it works with any Bluetooth-enabled device and rids you of the need for cumbersome wires. Turn anywhere into an office at a moment's notice.

Motorola RAZRWIRE Oakley Bluetooth Sunglasses: Now you can turn hands-free communication into a fashion statement with the Oakley sunglasses with Bluetooth hands-free technology built in. Oakley is world-famous for style, and Bluetooth technology is top-of-the-line wireless connection. When the two come together, you get stylish eyewear that keeps you connected wherever you are.

Bluetooth Speakerphone for Bluetooth Phones and PDA's: You want to be able to stay connected and stay safe at the same time. The Bluetooth Speakerphone plugs effortlessly into your car cigarette lighter, making it easier--and safer--to keep in contact while traveling in the car.

SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo 2GB: With larger storage capacities than a standard Memory Stick, the SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo 2GB can transfer data at a rate of 15MB/second. Perfect for DVD-quality video in real time, the SanDisk Memory Stick provides advanced security with MagicGate technology. If the power is suddenly cut-off or the media is accidentally removed, the SanDisk Memory Stick can prevent data loss because of its high-speed transfer rates.

Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Headset HT820: With your busy life, wireless is the way to go. With the Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Headset HT820, you can take your music with you wherever you go. Music is streamed from your phone, stereo or PC to your headset. When a call comes in, the music automatically pauses and begins playing again when the call ends.

Motorola Bluetooth Home Stereo Adapter DC800: This adapter allows you to stream music from your home stereo to your Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Headset HT820 or any other Bluetooth stereo headset device with A2DP support. With this home stereo adapter, the music never has to end, and you can listen to music from your home stereo wirelessly without missing a call--or a beat.

JABRA FreeSpeak BT200: If your phone isn't Bluetooth enabled, you can still have the wireless hands-free experience with the JABRA FreeSpeak. This hands-free wireless headset allows you to talk even if your phone is inside your briefcase, your purse, your pocket, or all the way across the room.

Bluetooth Data Suite with Software for Bluetooth Cell Phones:
This software suite includes handset manager software and a USB Bluetooth dongle. Compatible with bluetooth phones, headsets, and PDAs, you can connect wirelessly while traveling lightly with the convenience of MA-700. Use your phone for wireless internet surfing and securely send and receive communication.

X3 Micro Bluetooth Headset:
This award-winning headset brings performance together with style in a lightweight and tiny hands-free package. For anyone who is on the go, the X3 Micro is the ultimate in Bluetooth technology for wireless communication. It comes in a variety of colors so that you can express your personal style while staying in touch.

Bluetooth USB Adapter: Keep everything connected and share files with this USB adapter. It works with Bluetooth-enabled computers and can connect with the internet using Bluetooth cell phone wireless transmission. All transmission is secure and can link PDAs and cell phones to synch-up address books and calendars.

These 10 must haves will take using your cell phone from a hum-drum, everyday experience to an exciting and fun adventure. Personalizing and streamlining your cell phone experience with these accessories will leave you wondering how you ever got along without them.

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Keep Your Computer Cool

If the computer after several hours’ use suddenly rebooted and does not show any sign of system failure, there could only be one thing. The computer is overheating.

Unknown to many, (especially those who are not into technological stuff) the computer could generate a large amount of heat when it is in use. Adding video or sound cards could also add more heat generation from your computer.

The temperature inside the computer or laptop that has high-powered processors that runs with multiple applications reaches one hundred forty (140) degrees.

The more drives, memory and even colored lights stuffed in today’s CPUs and laptops, the less space there is for internal air circulation. Combine that with poor exhaust or surrounding ventilation, and systems slow, applications run poorly, or the computer could reboot to cool itself down, or crash altogether.

The popularity of cheap computers is fast increasing. People are drawn to buying the cheap computers but they are not aware of the reductions made just so to meet the demand.

One of these reductions is the size as well as the effectiveness of cooling fans on the computer. As the computer gets warmer, the computer speed also gets slower.

With the proper cooling device in the computer, rest assured that the performance of the computer would be better. It could also extend the life of the computer, motherboard and the processor.

Cooling products help drop the temperature of the CPU and its components by circulating, dissipating, cooling and pulling air from a desktop or laptop computer.

Some fans mount in the front drive bays of computers, while others slip into PCI slots to suck air out the back. Copper or aluminum “heat sinks” mount atop the processor to cool that device itself.

When buying a new computer, visit a retailer and touch the computer case to see how hot it gets. Consider adding additional fans to the PCI slots or atop the processor.

Other cooling tips include cleaning dust away from the CPU’s fan, or opening the unit and using a can of compressed air to blow dust off the components.

Keep the CPU off the floor, and install filters atop the fans, to reduce dust, pet fur or other debris from getting into the unit. A small electrical fan aimed to blow across the CPU also can help disperse heat and cool the unit.

Keep the computer in a location where air can circulate freely. Keeping the tower in a desk cabinet, leaving the doors open or removed to aid circulation also helps air to circulate inside the computer.

For general office cooling, a flat-panel monitor, or LCD, can reduce the amount of heat generated, as compared to a traditional CRT monitor.

Laptop heat is especially common. Many road warriors, teleworkers and home office workers place the laptop literally upon their laps to work.

This not only can block exhaust fans, but can trap and build heat. Laptop pads dissipate heat by either elevating the unit from the surface, or by using fans to help draw heat away from the device.

Many slot coolers are being marketed today. There are two things that you have to consider before buying one. The intake of fresh cool air is very important. Case temperature drops with the intake fan in the case. T

he position of the fan is the other. It has to be positioned one slot away from the AGP card. The extra space would help the airflow inside the computer. This way the computer heat would be lessened.

Author: James Monahan is the owner and Senior Editor of and writes expert articles about cooling.

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Cleaning a Laptop LCD Screen

One of the most common things I get asked is how to safely clean a laptop screen. By far the best way is to use a microfibre cloth. These can be found cheaply on Ebay or in the shops and do an excellent job. Here's how they work....

Microfibre cloths do an excellent job of picking up dust and removing smudges. They will even remove oily fingerprints from a surface without spreading it around and without any additional cleaners. They are environmentally & economically friendly by reducing money spent on cleaners, paper towels and trash that has been generated.

Please note: Treat any of the following screen types as you would an expensive camera lens, using high quality cleaning materials and tested techniques.

* LCD screens are not glass! The LCD surface is made of a soft film that is vulnerable to scratches, damage by sharp articles and/or improper cleaners.

* Most cathode ray tube (CRT) type monitors have anti-glare coatings to help reduce reflections; scratches and/or harsh cleaners can damage this surface.

* Many large screen and projection type TV's have a screen that is made of a plastic or acrylic type material. These type screens require special attention to clean properly and safely.

* Plasma screens are made of glass substrate but are usually coated for glare reduction.

* Glare reduction add-on screens are coated for reduced reflection.

* Most HDTV's have surface coatings for glare reduction.

As you can see, most screens have an anti-glare coating that can be permanently scratched, so make sure your cleaning cloths do not contain any sand or grit that could damage the screen surface.

The following instructions are good, general and safe methods for keeping your screen clean without causing surface damage. Use your Microfibre screen cloths and do not apply excessive pressure.

The most common type of screen cleaning is dust on the surface of the screen. Use the microfibre screen cloth without any type of additional cleaner for everyday type screen dusting.

For more stubborn dirt, smudges and/or fingerprint removal, use the orange microfibre screen cloth sprayed with water or moistened under the tap.

Turn off your monitor or screen. This is a safety issue; also, it is easier to see the screen surface against the dark background.

1. Remove any larger dirt particles: Using the microfibre cloth, gently brush away any larger dirt particles. Also, wipe the edges, lifting the dust into the cloth as you go.

2. Use the microfibre screen cloth to clean the surface. Applying light pressure, wipe the screen being careful not to overwork any area. If you have areas of the screen that do not come clean, go on to the next step.

3. For dirt, stains or streaking that is dried onto the screen surface; moisten the cloth under the tap. It may be necessary on larger screens to work one-half or third of the screen at a time. Make sure the cloth is damp NOT wet as excess moisture could seep into the edges of the screen causing problems. Wipe the screen with the dampened cloth.

4. Applying light pressure, work quickly to moisten the screen. You want to be able to come back to the same area before it dries. Reposition the cloth in your hand finding a drier section of cloth and continue wiping the screen to the point of most friction caused by the nearly dry screen. At this point reposition the cloth one more time, and lightly wipe to finish polish. Finally, clean the edges and corners, lifting any dust or debris into the cloth.

5. Check the surface for any streaking or missed areas, if so; repeat the last two steps as necessary

1. Check cloth(s) to see if cleaning is needed: if so, see next section; if not, allow to dry then store clean for next usage.

Avoid using Kleenex, paper towels, or other coarse shop towels. These materials may contain abrasives that can scratch plastic, acrylic, polycarbonate surfaces or surface coatings. Also these fabrics also can be very dusty or linty. Do not clean your screen with strong cleaners, polishes or chemically treated cloths.

Avoid these cleaning chemicals: ketone type material (Acetone), alkalis, acids, phosphates, chlorides or caustics, as they can cause damage to coatings or LCD polarizers.

We also do not recommend any cleaner that claims to leave behind any type of surface protective coating or protective layer. Most computer monitors have an anti-glare coating on the screen surface. Anything that leaves a coating to this surface is going to affect the effectiveness of that anti-glare coating. We also have noted some hard to remove smudging from these types of cleaning products.

Microfibre Cloth Cleaning Tips: One of the advantages of microfibre cloths is that they can be washed and reused repeatedly. Note: As with other new materials, some of the dyes used to color these materials can bleed when washed.

* For non-critical cleaning, you can wash with normal wash machine load, but avoid washing with anything that might be linty. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners in the washer or dryer. Air-drying is good, but they also can be safely dried at low heat in the clothes dryer.

* For more critical cleaning, wash the cloths separately, either by hand or in a wash machine, in warm water, adding a small amount of detergent. Do not use any bleach or fabric softener and rinse at least one extra time. Air dry or use a clothes dryer on low heat, again no fabric softener

To sanitize; microfibre cloths may be boiled for 5-10 minutes to eliminate any bacteria that may form in the fibers.

How do I clean ink from a screen surface? One method, which has worked well for some persons, is to saturate a clean cloth with isopropyl rubbing alcohol. With gentle wiping, this normally will remove most inks from a screen. *

Other items worth noting:

* Do not rub the surface of the screen with ball-point-pen or screwdriver etc.

* Do not place rubber, vinyl products or cellophane tape on your screen.

* Avoid touching the screen with fingers. (oily fingerprints will result)

* Exposing the screen to direct sunlight for a long period of time or to other heat sources may cause damage to any screen.

* Kids have various games and learning devices in which they use a pen-like device to write on a screen. Explain to them the difference in their screen and your plasma TV screen, or new LCD monitor.

* Before using any liquid cleaners on your screen, consult your manual or manufacturers recommended cleaning procedures.

DBITsUK are a supplier of PC and Laptop accessories. This article is taken from one of our essential guides on the website

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Motorola Bluetooth: Discover the Phenomenon

We've all heard the term, 'Bluetooth'. We see more and more electronic gizmos and gadgets that support Bluetooth technology, but what, exactly is this Bluetooth phenomenon? Motorola seems to have the leading edge on this nifty bit of technology, and the Motorola Bluetooth is the most popular brand among those who support the technology. Basically, Motorola Bluetooth technology is a wireless, short-range communication system that does away with cords and cables in telephones, computers and music stereo systems. Several important features of the Motorola Bluetooth are its low power and low cost, making it affordable, secure, and safe for users of all ages and technical capabilities. A Motorola Bluetooth headset can handle data and phone calls with hands free convenience. In short, a Motorola Bluetooth will work with printers, faxes, PC's, laptops, stereo systems, iPods, faxing and PDA's. What else is there?

The range of a Bluetooth is limited to about thirty feet of another wireless source, making it ideal for office and vehicle use. No more driving and fumbling with the cell phone at the same time. Technology in Motorola Bluetooth design continues to move forward at a breakneck speed, and advances and new versions of current products currently available are replacing items that have been on the market only a short period of time. Bugs are also being worked out as the Bluetooth technology advances, and such as issues regarding range and echoing are being addressed. By far however, most consumers are happy with the Motorola Bluetooth and warn others not to accept rip-off designs. Motorola Bluetooth uses low power consumption, is small and the reasonable cost of the chip offers compatibility with a growing number of devices.

Motorola Bluetooth
has made driving safe again with Bluetooth products for your car. A speaker that can fit in the palm of your hand clips onto the visor, allowing hand-free, clear communication and voice dialing. This handy gadget offers up to fourteen hours of talk time. A variety of Motorola Bluetooth car kits are available for just about every need and desired price range. Motorola Bluetooth users state how user friendly the device is. A Motorola Bluetooth needs no supporting software or degree in rocket science to use. Beyond that, the Motorola Bluetooth is a secure device that utilizes adaptive frequency hopping, more commonly known as AFH, which causes signals to literally hop from one device to another, limiting interference from other signals. In addition, the Motorola Bluetooth incorporates built in security for the Motorola device encryption and PIN code authentication methods.

Motorola Bluetooth offers headsets, adaptors, stereo headsets and wearable technology and PC connectivity products designed to make life easier and more portable. Experts estimate that Bluetooth devices bought and used by consumers will reach into the billions by the end of 2007. For outdoor fitness enthusiasts, Motorola Bluetooth technology offers helmets that allow users to listen to music and take calls whether you're skiing the slopes or bicycling through the desert. Speakers fit into an earflap in the helmet and can also be removed to insert back into the Bluetooth headphones. So what are you waiting for? Motorola Bluetooth products are top of the line, sleek and affordable.

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Want to know more about what Motorola Bluetooth technology can do for you? Discover more about Motorola Bluetooth at

Motorola Bluetooth: Discover the Phenomenon

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How My Blackberry Set Me Free!

In today’s world of instant connectivity and access from almost any spot in the world, mobile technologies have set the executive free. Free to travel on business, take time away from the office, and yet still remain in contact wherever you need to be. Take a look around next time you are in the airport, at a restaurant for lunch or even on the city bus. You see business people connected via Blackberry (or some other version) technology everywhere.

Do you remember the days when you needed to be in the office to field phone calls, have meetings with staff, and work on correspondence? You do not have to go back that far to the only time you were able to send email, book appointments or complete tasks was in the office. Plus, it was just a few years ago that email became an industry norm for communications in the marketplace.

With the emergence of Blackberry technologies and other mobile technologies, executives, sales people and others became able to freely network, attend conferences and visit clients while still keeping in contact with the office to take care of critical emails and other bits of information.

How has my Blackberry set me free? Since I changed from a normal cell phone to a Blackberry, I can now take time away from the office to attend an event at my son’s school, attend meetings with clients, vendors and other business colleagues. Also with my mobile solution I can easily take time out of the city and still attend to business correspondence. The party at the other end may not even be aware that I am out of town.

Since switching to a Blackberry solution, I am now more productive, attack client issues with an immediate sense of urgency and achieve outstanding results. The only challenge with a Blackberry solution is that long winded emails can lose their point due to the smaller screen on the Blackberry.

The advantages of being connected in today’s world definitely outweigh the disadvantages. I love having the ability to be in communication with all of my business dealings while keeping my finger on the pulse of my business. Most people who welcome this technology and invest in it are of this mindset. I have this connection yet I also have the power to control whether I want to be in contact with the office or my emails. I can shut the unit off when needed because I decide if I am available for immediate access.

For those who do not want to have consistent communication with your work then the Blackberry is not for you. The Blackberry has been unofficially dubbed as the “Crackberry” by some and it can elicit an immediate reaction when it goes off. However, when you are swimming in success because you are the “go to” person, because you have the ability to communicate fast and effectively with your clients and those looking for information on your product offerings—well, to the others that cannot relate to this or perhaps feel that this technology is intrusive, please step aside and let us who embrace the technology continue to win.

Author: Stuart Crawford is a business leader in the Calgary, Alberta small business computer consulting business. His company IT Matters is a leader in providing remote connectivity solutions for the Calgary Small Business marketplace. IT Matters is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Small Business Specialist, visit IT Matters online at or email Stuart at

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The Most Popular RPG Computer Games

The introduction of computer games has changed that early fact significantly. Computer games have added a fresh dimension to the way in which both children and adults play either individually or collectively.

In addition computer games such as World of Warcraft Gold (WOW Gold), Guild Wars, Final Fantasy and Dungeons and Dragons have also broadened the perspective of players by introducing them to a scenario whereby resources, supplies and a variety of strengths and weaknesses of available manpower and weapons perform to create a strategic environment in which the skill and mastery of strategic thinking becomes necessary in order to win.

War has always been one of the most popular games played by children and no self-respecting male adult will likely have grown into adulthood without possessing a few fond memories of his toys soldiers. Computer games have added the dimension that was always missing with toy soldiers by bringing to life the characters that once required human imagination to conjure with. Computer games also provide realistic landscapes, strategic maps and an assortment of weaponry that begins with a club and continues into a future that can only be speculated. Coincidentally that speculation is the result of the imagination of an inventor who themselves probably have fond memories of toy soldiers and who simply wanted to go one step further and provided the virtual reality in which to do so.

Today strategic or role playing computer games are a dominant feature found inside every computer games store. Importantly computer games have come of age in that they are no longer played on a one to one basis i.e. human player versus computer. Today we have the Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) which allows for a large number of players to interact on a virtual world.

The most popular MMORPG computer game on the planet is possibly not the one most people automatically expect - WOW Gold is certainly hugely successful with around 8 million players world-wide while Everquest a 3D fantasy game attracts around half a million players. It would be remiss not to mention the long time favourite Dungeons and Dragons which has attracted more than 20 million players world-wide and is recognized in the industry as the game that triggered the mushroom of strategy games that now surrounds us.

However the most played game on the planet is none of these. In 1998 a game called Lineage entered the market and since then has attracted in excess of 30 million players world-wide. Lineage originates from South Korea and is a medieval fantasy strategy based game that utilizes elves, knights, wizards and prince/princess characters. As an MMORPG - Lineage has proved very successful and its development into Lineage II has progressed with new updates and expansion packs every six months. Lineage II was introduced into the United States in 2004 and by December of that year the "Chronicle II: Age of Splendour" update/expansion pack arrived. By September 2006 "Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood" was being marketed. However the next update is being marketed under a new banner as "Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne" and is referred to as Interlude.

Author: Kevin Dark offers you to buy wow gold which actually means to buy world of warcraft gold.

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Overview of CompTIA A+ Certification

The field of computer technology is experiencing an explosive surge of growth, and the outlook is that this will continue unabated in the coming years. The concept of training and certification has become increasingly important for people pursuing a career in this field. The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) has introduced several Certifications to strengthen employee resumes and enable employers to judge the skills and training levels of prospective employees. The basic one is the A+ Certification.

The A+ Certification is a vendor-neutral test of the overall knowledge of computer hardware and operating systems. It covers the candidate’s ability to install, configure, fix, upgrade, and even troubleshoot personal computers. It covers skills in diagnosing and preventive maintenance as well as basic networking. The exam covers such domains as security, safety, and even environmental issues.

To prepare for the examination, the aspiring IA tech may take an A+ course. A+ training is offered by a large number of institutions and may be done either online or offline. The A+ certification training will provide the instruction and the manuals needed to prepare you for the certification examination. The exams themselves may be taken at a large number of sites worldwide. The CompTIA website contains information about the cost and location of testing. The cost of the test in the United States is around one hundred and sixty dollars with a discount given to Association members.

The expense of the training is similar to other educational training programs and financial aid is available when needed. For example, military personal on active duty may have their expenses reimbursed by the U.S. Government. The Corporate Partnership Program (CPP) is an education financing program created by Sallie Mae that can repay training costs of employees as long as they remain with the company for a period of three years after the completion of the training. The CompTIA Learning Alliance is the resource center for training programs, and CLA training centers are located worldwide also.

A+ Certification training also sets a foundation for other more advanced certifications available from CompTIA. Several large organizations have already made the A+ Certification a basic requirement for employment in the computer tech field, and more are sure to follow suit. In many ways the A+ Certification is being looked at as almost a minimum training level. Information Technology is the career of the future and certifications are the keys that unlock the door to success in this field.

Author: Natalie Aranda writes about computers. To prepare for A+ certification, the aspiring IA tech may take an A+ course. A+ training is offered by a large number of institutions and may be done either online or offline. The A+ certification training will provide the instruction and the manuals needed to prepare you for the certification examination. The exams themselves may be taken at a large number of sites worldwide. The CompTIA website contains information about the cost and location of testing.

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What Are Anti Virus Software, Anti Spyware Software & Computer Firewalls & What Can They Do For You?

Now that most people use the internet these days, it is a very good idea to make sure that you have good quality computer security software installed and protecting your computer. Anti virus software, anti spy ware software and having a hardware or software firewall are now essential for everyone using a computer and here is an explanation why this is so.

Anti Virus software protects your computer from virus threats that can contaminate your computer and can slow down your computer, damage your files or even damage your computers hard drive requiring you to reformat your hard drive and needing to reinstall your operating system in order to get things back to normal. So as you can see anti virus software is an essential thing to have if you want to keep your computer healthy and free from viruses.

It is not enough just to install the anti virus software however, you will also need to keep it up to date in order to protect your computer from new anti virus threats, fortunately this is easy to do as most anti virus software programs let you update their anti virus files over the internet.

So what is anti spyware software exactly? Well anti spyware software is another kind of security program which protects your computer against all kinds of undesirables, such as spyware, keystroke loggers, malware, tracking cookies, dialers, trojans and unwanted commercial software. All of these things should be removed from your computer so that your computer security is not compromised. A good quality antispyware software program will protect your identity from unscrupulous people, hackers and fraudsters so that you can have peace of mind.

A computer firewall is either a software program or a hardware device which only allows authorized users to access your computer system and stops all unauthorized users from gaining access to your computer through the internet or a network. So a firewall stops malicious users from accessing your system and this is absolutely essential if you use the internet, especially if you have an always on broadband connection on your computer. So which is better to have a software firewall or a hardware firewall? Well a software firewall will give you good firewall protection, but the absolute best firewall to have is a hardware one because this is even harder to get past for a malicious user.

So in summary, if you do not already have an antivirus program, an anti spyware program and a firewall, then you really should look into getting these things as they will save you a lot of hassle and worry in the future.

Author: Miguel Poza runs a website about computer security & broadband services which includes reviews of the latest computer security software & broadband services. Please visit it at Computer Security Software Reviews & Broadband Services Guide

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Protect Your Computer Against Spyware

Everyone has heard of the need for anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, but some people still don't realize what spyware is, or why it's so dangerous. Spyware is not the same as a computer virus. Viruses corrupt files and destroy data. Spyware generally keeps track of where you go online, and sends this information to advertising agencies who then use the data for various purposes. It can also change your home page, slow down computer performance, and the more dangerous types log your keystrokes for possible password and credit card number gathering schemes.

Perhaps the most insidious thing about spyware is that it is often installed without our knowledge - free programs online can sometimes be the culprit, but spyware is also sometimes downloaded and installed simply by visiting certain websites that exploit security problems in various browsers.

Preventing the spread of spyware is an important aspect of computer security. Just as we should keep passwords safe, we should also take steps to ensure that our passwords aren't compromised in the first place. There are several anti-spyware programs on the market, both paid and free. One of the best places to search for reputable software is a site like

However, even the best anti-spyware program won't do much if it's not kept up-to-date and run regularly. As part of computer security, spyware should be updated once every 24 hours, and your computer should be scanned once a day, with a full scan once a week just to be on the safe side. With a little effort, it's possible to keep your confidential data safe and your computer spyware free.

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Author: Matt Peterson is a Senior Consultant for N2 Network Solutions, a leader in Phoenix IT Outsourcing, providing IT Consulting and computer network security.

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Laptops and Security

Year from year more and more often, people try to find some ways how to spend more time working out of office. And technologies really help them – laptops, wireless internet, other mobile devices, and people have more choice possibility when work and when relax!
But always there is another side – not so positive side!

If you get laptop only to your personal usage, then you need to be prepared, that every one can get access to your privet files- pictures, contact information, calendars, etc. And also thief can use your laptop to get access to your bank account details or even social security number!

If your laptop was provided by your employer, the security risk is even greater. A recent study conducted by the FBI found that 57% of computer crimes were linked to stolen laptops, which were then used to break into corporate servers later on. (
This breakage can cost company a lot of money in the loss of the computer itself, the loss of the data on the computer and the use of the computer to hack into the company’s main computer systems.

So safer and cheaper will be, if you pays to look after your laptop and read some of these useful information security awareness tips.

Personalize your computer.
If your computer will be with some personal identification tag, then thief will not likely to steal computer with your name on it! And also it is less likely to sell such as to pawn shop.

Travel with another employee or a friend.
Some notebook thefts are committed right where your carry on luggage is examined. He waits for a notebook on the conveyor belt and grabs it while the owner is distracted. So, if you go with someone else, one of you can watches the other’s possessions coming out on the conveyor belt while other dealing with security personnel.

Use neutral briefcase for your laptop
Don’t use computer briefcase that scream “Notebook computer” to every thief in the area. Instead, use a backpack made for notebook computers or other luggage that does not indicate there is a notebook computer in the case.

Use security cable.
If you are using your notebook computer in the lounge area, use a security cable to attach the computer to something like the desk you are using the computer on. These cables are between $20 and $50 in most computer stores and lock computers to where they are being used.

Back up your data.
There is many ways how to backup your data – on CD’s, to your corporate network or back up services such as the one Yahoo! Offers in its briefcase service. No matter how you back up yours computer information, you can access it easily with your new computer.

Encrypt document to your computer.
To do it, you can use encryption software. These software codes your documents so only you and others with the right password can read them. The basic level can be downloaded for free in many cases from the publishers of the more complex versions of encryption software which you can buy in most computer stores or even online for as much as $100 and expensive.

The value of the information ON a laptop is usually much greater than the cost OF the laptop itself.

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Article source information security awareness

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Digital Camera Review

There are so many models of digital cameras available in today’s market, that it becomes a rather difficult task to pick the best buy among so many options. Perhaps a few steps should be taken into consideration when choosing the right camera. Will the camera be for daily use, or just for special occasions like birthdays, family reunions, etc. Will the price of the camera make much difference on the pocket?

Assuming that price is not an issue, one should choose a well known major brand camera and if possible, go for the latest model and with the highest number of mega pixels available. The higher the mega pixels, the better the picture will be specially if there is an intention of having photo enlargements quite often. A good quality optical zoom lens will also make a big difference. Choose a camera which comes with a battery that holds a good charge, this way you can enjoy lots of picture taking without having to be worried when the battery charge will come down.

The range of features available make a digital camera very cost effective and more than likely you will be able to find the right camera suited to satisfy your needs.

If you enjoy printing enlargements of your photographs, you may want to pay close attention to the printing size and what is required in mega pixels for you to have good quality results. For you to have an idea of the amount of mega pixels required for most commonly used size of prints, refer to the chart below:

For photos 2x6 inches - 2 mega pixels
For photos 5x7 inches - 3 mega pixels
For photos 8x10 inches -7 mega pixels
For photos 11x14 inches - 14 mega pixels
For photos 16x28 inches - 28 mega pixels
For photos 20x30 inches - 54 megapixels

The handling and design also matters and the lightweight ones are much nicer to carry around. Choose a camera that is user-friendly and make sure that you have a good local technical assistance in case you may run into problems with it.

There are several advantages of having a digital camera instead of the old traditional film camera. First of all, there are no films to be purchased ever. You make take dozens, perhaps hundreds of photos and instantly delete the ones you don’t like, or that did not came well into focus and just keep the best ones. You may load them into your computer album, record them and you may view your favorite photos from you camera or from your television set. Some digital cameras also come with a recording device that allows you to record special events and replay them immediately after recording

Digital cameras take pictures that are stored in digital media. It is possible to select, save or delete photos without any cost whatsoever. The photos are usually stored in media cards into the hundreds, meaning that you can take as many pictures as you like before you run out of space. Also in most digital cameras, the user can view the pictures on the LCD screen, which will allow him to pick the best ones.

No wonder that digital cameras became so popular and accessible item to almost everyone. It became a must to have one nowadays and even cell phone cameras are getting better everyday with noticeable improvements in quality of picture taken. The earlier models of cell phone cameras were somewhat limited as far as picture quality is concerned comparing to the ones we find on today’s market. The mega pixels are increasing constantly and so the quality of the cameras. If a person needs to carry both at the same time, maybe a cell phone with a digital camera built in will be an interesting option to consider

If you have not bought yet a digital camera, maybe this the right time to do so, considering the manufactures are offering so many new models with new features at bargain prices. It is wise to compare the several models among different manufacturers and also the prices from traditional and online stores. Make sure you do your research right, and most likely you will find the digital camera you are looking for.

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A practical use of Open Source Code Softwares

As we started the project of our web site, we knew that the proprietary software costs would be too high for our financial resources. Our only option then was to make use of Open Source Code softwares.

However, within the Open Source Code there are lots of softwares to choose from, and it´s up to the system analyst/programmer to pick the ones that best suit the project goals.

In our case, we picked Linux as our operating system. However we faced a big question: Which Linux distribution ? There are dozens of linux distributions, each one with specific advantages, sometimes with or without paid services.

We chose Linux Slackware because we thought that it would suit better our needs, in terms of stability and reliability. Slackware is a conservative distribution, meaning that it only offers in its distribution package kernel versions and third party libraries, once it´s been proved to be stable and reliable. As a result, Slackware is one the most stable Linux operating system on the market. If the user wishes the most recent Linux kernel and libraries, we recommend to look for a different distribution.

Another reason for us picking Slackware, was because of its text interface, which at the beginning may become a bit difficult, in the long run however it offers a better understanding of the Linux environment. This way most of Slackware configurations are done thru text scripts.

Once it was set the operating system, we picked Apache as our web server. Apache is one of the most popular web server in the internet. For server programming language, we chose PHP. Also, a very popular programming language. Our experience with Apache/PHP proves that this setup is very reliable, working extremely well in our production environment. For workstation programming language, we chose javascript, which besides of having a simple syntax, it offers lots of resources.

Apache web server is really a complete web server. Also, it can become very complex with many configuration setups.

For our database, we picked Postgresql. This database has been made available to the public for more than 15 years, and besides of being well debugged, it offers so many resources that it has become one of the best database options from Open Source Code softwares. Extremely reliable, Postgresql has reported cases where there have been databases in production with over 4 terabytes. Besides all of that, Postresql is not the most popular Open Source Code database. A matter of marketing ? Probably.

As for the programming language PHP, we had to use an object oriented application structure. There are many PHP application structures being offered with Open Source Code license. Object oriented application is very important, because it makes programming very easy and scalable up to the point where the system may grow without many problems. Also, it helps to keep PHP code separated from HTML, with the help of some specific libraries, such as Smarty. We make use of Smarty library and we believe that it is a very important resource, which can even make web pages faster thru the use of its cache functions.

Also a very important set of libraries worth mentioning for PHP systems, is the PEAR libraries. In PEAR web site, among the many libraries being offered, there are the database interface DB and the MAIL_QUEUE, which sends emails thru the use of database.

As we came to the end of our project, we had to use some sort of real time database replication. For that we chose the DRBD and Heartbeat libraries. The use of database replication is very important and should not be postponed. Just after 3 months our system got into production, our server hard disk became bad. Thru the use of DRBD/Heartbeat we were able to put the system back into production within seconds, without loosing any data. DRBD/Heartbeat replication is done thru the use of a lan network between the server and slave nodes.

Our project also makes use of ImageMagick (enlarge and reduce images), Iptables (firewall), Tsearch2(text search in portgresql) and Mon (linux monitoring tasks).

Also a very important library worth mentioning is the pseudo APC compiler for PHP. Speed is always a critical factor for internet sites.

Our web site is already in production and based upon our experience we can say that the Open Source Code softwares we picked, proved to be extremely reliable and stable. Open Source Code softwares can certainly be an excellent option for developing web sites.

Author: Roberto Sedycias. IT Consultant. This article is under GNU FDL license and can be distributed without any previous authorization from the author. However the author´s name and all the URL´s (links) mentioned in the article and biography must be kept.

This article can also be accessed in Portuguese language from the News Article section of page

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The Evolution of RPGs

Role Playing Games or RPGs have been around since before computer desktops were readily available to homes. Remember board games? These table top RPGs were very popular until dice and paper were replaced by mouse and monitor. Modern RPGs, in fact, stemmed from table top war games. The most popular war game ever was Dungeons & Dragons. This game was created by Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax, who were both fans of JRR Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings series. DND was a war game involving small groups of mid-evil soldiers.

Video RPGs or electronic RPGs were introduced in 1972. Many people believe that the first computer RPG is ADVENTURE, a game created by William Crowther. The first ADVENTURE appeared on Ataris in 1980, wherein a player could control a group of warriors to try and slay a dragon. Wizardry 1 and Ultima 1 appeared on the Apple 2 in 1981. These games launched the RPG genre as players could navigate towns and crawl through dungeons to fight monsters. Video RPGs came out in 1986 when Enix’s Dragon Quest came out in Nintendo. The combat system of Dragon Quest set a standard that is still being used by VRPGs today. Another popular VRPG was Legend of Zelda created by Shigeru Miyamoto. But the most popular VRPG ever created was Final Fantasy which was released by Squaresoft in 1987. With more than 13 stories and games out in the market, Final Fantasy’s popularity is yet to be beaten.

1988 was the year computer RPGs made its debut into households. It was the same year that Dungeons and Dragons made its move into the digital world. DND was the first CRPG to offer optional quests for characters and the ability of players to strategically control character movement during combat. The players made a party of 6 characters based on DND rules. However, it was Dungeon Masters, that allowed mouse control giving the players ability to select objects and click on enemies for combat.

When discussing RPGs, one just has to mention Blizzard’s Diablo which was released in 1996. It proved to be one of the most popular CRPGs of all times. Because of the random dungeons and different character classes available to players, it encouraged players to play the game over and over again.

Multi User Dungeons or MUDs are actually text based games which provided character creation, optional quests and a storyline. MUDs are also called MUSH’s, MOO’s or TIKI’s and is the precursor to MMORPGs. These games were most of the time done by people who loved games and had enough knowledge about programming. MUDs soon lost its popularity to console and computer games with graphics.

It is believed that Meridian 59, which came out in 1996, was the first ever MMORPG released. But it was Ultima Online that popularized this genre in 1997. MMORPGs host a large number of players, who log in to the same world to play the game. The players need a client that allows them to log into the world, which continues to exist and change even when there are no players logged in. Everquest dominated the MMORPG genre for five years until World of Warcraft came into play. Because RPGs continue to flux, companies are continually working on to improve the game, by creating new zones, quests and character classes to keep the players interested.

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The Evolution of RPGs

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The World Wide Web For Absolute Beginners, Part 1

The World Wide Web is not as overwhelming as it sounds. Simply put, it is an effective way of exchanging information much the same way as the global telephone network. Just like a spider web, the web links together a collection of electronic documents, which can be accessed and utilized in different ways by Internet users all over the world. The World Wide Web forms a part of the Internet, which lets you access information in the form of words, sound, pictures and video.

People search the Web or surf the Internet for different reasons and in search of different thing. There are some Internet activities that are very popular among individuals who use the Web.

Looking for information: The web is vast and contains enormous amounts of information on just about any topic you can think of. You can find any information you are looking for if you know where to look. One of the best ways of retrieving information on the web is by using search engines, which are gigantic databases of information. While search engines may not necessarily contain the required information themselves, they can lead you to the URL or the address where you will find what you are looking for.

Online Shopping: With online shopping, shoppers no longer need to go from store to store looking for what they want. The World Wide Web offers online shoppers the convenience of looking for any product or service they may want right from the comfort and convenience of their home. Shopping for rare items and discounted items or specialized products online is safe, convenient and easy.

Searching for people: One of the most popular of internet activities is trying to find a person. Internet browsers could be searching for a lost relative or detailed information about famous celebrities. Most of the time, this information is given absolutely free of charge.

Downloading music and movies: There are many sites that allow Internet surfers to download their favorite movie or music free of charge. Some sites charge a small fee.

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What You Need To Know About iPod Movies

iPod devices that are equipped with video players must have the movies from their original format converted to one that can be read and played by the iPod movie player system. This means that the movie can either be downloaded from an iPod-friendly site such as the Apple iPod Store or another website dedicated to iPod music and movies, or the user must purchase the appropriate conversion software. Most of the iPod movie conversion systems can convert most types of movie files such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, H.264, VOB or DivX formats into the MPEG-4 video format that the iPod uses.

In addition to just converting the format, the system must also match the resolution of the iPod movie player. The typical resolution for the iPod display screen is 640 by 480 for optimum viewing and clarity of picture. Without the appropriate software conversion, the picture would be highly distorted. Other resolutions are possible and the software application will usually optimize the file for viewing, selecting the appropriate resolution.

There is also a great program offered by Apple, called QuickTime 7 Pro, that allows you to use home videos and videos that are not professionally made and convert them to play on your iPod, just like an iPod movie that you can download. This is a great way to personalize your iPod video, or send a home movie to a friend or family member.

The process is simple: start by downloading the QuickTime 7 Pro from the Apple website. If you have a Mac computer, simply upload your movie to your computer and click on the title of the movie in the drop down box found on the QuickTime program menu. If you have a PC, upload the movie from the device as per the manuals and then save it in the QuickTime file. Once the movie is selected you will again need to use the drop down box and select the export feature, then click on Movie to iPod and let the computer do the rest.

A scrolling bar will keep you informed of the transfer process and will allow you to see how much more time is required for the transfer to occur. You will then need to synch the iPod with the computer to play the movie the first time, then it will be stored on both your computer and the iPod for future use.

The vast number of iPod movies and the ease of using the conversion software means that more people, even those that are not experts on the computer, can easily keep their favorite movies as well as their favorite songs close at hand on their iPod.

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