Free PSP Music - A Popular But Dangerous Solution

More and more people want to get some free PSP music for their hand held enjoyment centers. However, even if that may seem like an easy task it can be harder than you first thought. Most websites offering free PSP music for downloading are scam sites operated by shady con-artists and hackers just waiting for someone to open their PCs to their malicious viruses and spy-ware. Free PSP music sites are often illegal and can get you busted if caught downloading MP3s or games from their sites. Since many of the sites offering free PSP music and downloads are run by scam artists and phishing-operations you need to know which sites you can trust.

Also, you may find that the quality of the mp3 files you get from these shady sites often are of very low quality. The free PSP music file may have been mixed with a Trojan virus and in order to make the music file appear normal in size it has been compressed so much that the actual quality of the music will be extremely low.

Instead of going through all the hassle with these scam operations, I strongly recommend that you get your free PSP music from a site that is legal and of high quality. It is usually better to purchase a subscription to a paid PSP music download site than to spend countless hours scanning through various sites and risk being attached by malicious spy-ware and viruses. A subscription based site normally offer legal mp3's and the quality of the mp3's are mostly of high quality.

It do not need to cost a lot either. Normally, you would have to pay less than 50 bucks and it is one-time set-up fee. No recurring charges usually occur. After payment these PSP music sites will let you download as many mp3's and other files as you want for your PSP.

Another benefit of a paid download site, instead of a free PSP music site, is that the files are proven to be free from spy-ware, viruses and Trojans. The download speed is also usually much faster on the paid sites than the free ones, they offer detailed download information and have a team of well-trained support staff to help you if you would need some help.

There are many sites offering paid memberships to get PSP music but make sure you do your research first and check out what other people have to say about that particular site. Also, make sure that the site has a money back guarantee of minimum 30 days and that you also download other products than just music. All serious providers offer a minimum of 30 days money back guarantee and the possibility to download movies, games and TV-shows as well.

Do a search for free PSP music in Google and you will find many recommendations for good providers of PSP music and downloads.

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Author: William W has been a PSP fan since the early days of the Playstation Hand-Held Console and know most things there is to know about downloading stuff to the PSP. Read his recommendations at

Free PSP Music - A Popular But Dangerous Solution

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How To Play Music On PSP

How to play music on a PSP? An easy guide.

Arrgh! Having trouble getting your music files onto your PSP? Drives you mad, doesn't it! I mean, you're not asking to strap-on a full function 3D multi-spatial holo-emmitter, you don't want a full immersion, virtual reality gaming suit add-on (although that'd be quite cool), you just want to listen to your tunes on your PSP.

Well you're not alone. Here's my simple method, avoiding the need for an angry impact of your precious PSP with the nearest brick wall. First off, you're going to need some music. The Sony PSP plays music in MP3 format only.

Here are your choices;

1.You can transfer (rip),music from your CD collection straight to your pc then download to your psp.

2.You can download music in the correct MP3 (PSP acceptable), format straight from a huge number of sources on the web.

3.You can convert music stored on other file types to MP3 format using a special converter and software.

So you're going to need a CD ripper, a PSP USB cable and a couple of minutes. As you've read this far it's fair to say, you're obviously the sort of person who wants to get the maximum out of your PSP: you're also going to want to transfer video to your sleek 'little friend', aren't you?? Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon and you're gonna want it easy. Well, save yourself some hassle and pick up a PSP video converter when you get yourself a cd ripper, then you'll have everything you need to watch video files and play music on your PSP.

All cd rippers and video converters come with the necessary software to make things really clean and simple. For a great 'one stop shop'see the link at the end. OK, so you're all 'tooled-up', plug your USB cable into your pc and your PSP (small end into the PSP). Good, now your pc and PSP can 'talk' to each other. Make sure you have the memory stick inserted. See the 'Home' button on your PSP? Give it a press.

Scroll through with the < > buttons until you come to 'settings'. Now the 'up' 'down' buttons until you see 'USB connection'. Select it by pressing 'X', it will now display the USB connection. Over to your PC. Your pc should now have recognised that it has your PSP plugged into it. (New hard drive/storage device etc.)

Open the PSP file on your pc. This file will have a caps letter indicator, probably 'H'. (It may be different on your pc - doesn't really matter what the letter is as long as you know that it's the PSP file). Make a new folder call it something easy to find like 'MYPSP'. Inside your new folder (MYPSP),create another and call it 'PSPMUSIC'.

Now you have somewhere to copy your MP3 music files from your pc and onto the PSP. Copy your ripped cd files and any other MP3 format files into this folder. OK you're done. Back to the PSP, to play your tunes. Turn it on, scroll to the music area, scroll to 'Memory stick', select the folder (Press 'X'). There you go, lo and behold all your music is now available to be played. Enjoy!

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Author: I love finding new features and functions on products I already own. You know what it's like, you buy a shiny new gadget, can't wait to check out all it can do, get it out the box and it ain't that simple! Argh! Hate reading manuals? You're not alone. Article Source:

How To Play Music On PSP

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Bluetooth Helmets Explained

An increasing number of motorcycle helmets are making use of bluetooth technology to help owners make more of the riding experience. We offer an overview of what bluetooth helmets are all about.

To begin with, let's look at what bluetooth actually means. In basic terms, it's a form of wireless technology that allows various items of hardware to communicate. Those hardware items might range from computers to mobile phones. Unlike some other technologies, the range offered by bluetooth is actually relatively low - typically less than 30 feet.

When it comes to motorcycle helmets, the technology is used to enable owners to be able to make and take mobile phone calls while they are on their bikes. Such devices can be built into the helmet, ensuring that hands free operating is possible. This is vital since, in many countries, it is illegal to use a mobile phone whilst driving, unless it is hands free.

They are generally provided in such a way that you have some headphones that fit inside your speaker. You then have a microphone that protrudes from the front, allowing you to speak while you are driving. In essence, they are similar in design to many headsets that are currently on the market for internet based telephony.

The quality of helmets will vary considerably and the key is to find a unit that offers a good combination of comfort and quality. There's no point using one if it fits so poorly that you don't like using it. Similarly, there is nothing more frustrating than attempting to communicate when the sound quality is poor.

You can compare prices and reviews by using a number of websites that are currently available. Bluetooth helmets are here to stay and the quality of the devices is sure to improve in future years.

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If you're interested in purchasing a bluetooth helmet then you can find out more information, including more articles by Keith Barrett. This article may be published on any website but this resource box must be included in full. The author retains all copyright.

Bluetooth Helmets Explained

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How To Connect The Nintendo Wii To Your TV

It really is essential that when you purchase a Wii, you make absolutely full use of it. But how do you do this? The most appropriate way is to connect it to an output device, a TV being preferable.

Upon purchasing a Wii, it is general practice that a multi-out plug for AV connection is included in the box. This device is imperative in order for you to be able to connect the consoles, not only to the television but also to the VCR.

How is it possible to check that your TV can connect to your Nintendo Wii? Looking at the back of your TV really is the best method. There will be present at the back of your television some colored sockets with an "Input" label. Therefore it is possible to make the appropriate connections. Exactly the same strategy applies to your VCR.

TV Connection Tips

There are a number of different things that can assist you when attempting to connect your Wii to your TV:

* AV inputs are generally round sockets which are made of metal.

* White, yellow and red are the different color types that they come in. The right audio input is relevant to the red connection. The mono sound or left audio input is relevant to the white connection. And the video input is relevant to the yellow connection. However, there are various different brands of television that only have one audio input.

* Locate the connection that is named A/V In. Do not attempt to connect your Wii to any connection that is labeled "Out". This will simply not function at all.

* When you are inserting the plugs that are found on your Wii AV cable ensure that you follow the color codes. It is necessary to turn your television to manual if there are no labels. By doing this you will find that they are generally well identified.

* The Input Select of your TV should be located if the cables are inserted into the correct connections and the Wii console is already turned on. This is when you can begin to view your favorite game. The TV remote control can be used, otherwise the front panel located on the television can simply be manipulated. The TV/Video button should be pressed. If there are many input channels, then simply continue to press the button until you locate the correct channel with the Wii console display.

For Your Computer Monitors

Many people choose to use their computer monitors rather than their televisions for playing Nintendo Wii. However, that can initially be difficult due to the fact that home consoles of Nintendo are only designed to be used in VCRs and home televisions, of course, with the assistance of RF or A/V connectors.

As computer monitors do not actually have RF or A/V connectors, then an alternative will need to be searched for. This alternative can be made by using a PC TV card. This works by inserting the TV card into your PC so that the console can be connected to the card. However, it is important to remember that the correct quality of image that you are looking for may not be received.

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Luke Beckham has been hooked on the Nintendo Wii since it's launch, and being a big fan of the Wii came with a nice big price tag as well. Games can get expensive, so be sure to check out how Luke was able to save hundreds of dollars by downloading Wii games online. Go to:

How To Connect The Nintendo Wii To Your TV

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Windows Registry Checker

What Is The Windows Registry?

The windows registry is a directory which stores the settings and options for the operating system for Microsoft Windows. The registry contains the information and settings for all the hardware, operating system software, most non-operating system software, preferences for the computer and more. Changes that are made to the control panel settings, installed software, file associations or system policies theses changes are stored in the registry.

The registry contains two elements - keys and values.

The keys are like folders as each key can contain sub-keys and those sub-keys can contain more sub-keys. The keys are reference with a syntax, a bit like path names with backslashes to show the different levels.

The values are data pairs stored within the keys and are referenced separately from keys. The windows API functions that query and manipulate registry values take the value names separately from the key path.

What If There Are Problems With The Registry?

There are occasions when a computer can become overloaded and will no longer accept data or may misplace data that is stored in it. If this happens then it is time that your registry will need fixed.

So how do you fix the registry?

Fixing the registry is not all that easy but having said that it's too hard either and there are many programs that you can get for fixing and keeping your registry clean.

Basically to fix the registry you need to change all the registry information back to its original default settings or repair any errors within the settings.

It is vital to do backups of your registry so that you are able to retrieve your original settings if the need arises. If your registry is unable to be repaired then having a backup is the only way for you to get your original settings back.

Many of the programs available to help keeping your registry running smoothly will have features to enable you to do backups and restore of the registry. These programs will create system restore points so that they can repair your system back to what it was at that point.

If your computer is running very slowly and not as efficient as it should be then it is quite possible that you may have a problem with your registry. Your computer may have something as simple as incorrect program shortcuts that may be causing applications to run slower or launch slower and in some cases may stop working altogether. By having a registry cleaner installed on your computer it will find and remove little headaches like these and improve the performance of your PC.

Registry checkers can be scheduled to run to whenever you want it to. You can set it up to run when your computer first starts up or to run daily, weekly or monthly.

These programs will then automatically scan for problems and repair any that are found.

A registry cleaner will find and remove any invalid class keys and shell extensions that may be really slowing down your PC speed. A cleaner will clean up any registry keys that are not being used and are of no value to your computer and all they are doing is slowing it down. You can also improve the start up speed of your computer by managing the start-up items and choosing which programs you want to launch each time you start your computer. Often you will have software that starts automatically each time your computer starts up and if you don't need this software to do that then it is just slowing down your start-up speed. You may also have missing programs in the start-up area of the registry that can cause your computer countless problems and a good registry cleaner will be able to find and delete those.

There are many registry cleaners available on the internet and they are programs that are specifically designed to fix registry problems on computers.


There are many other things that can cause your computer to have problems and run slowly like viruses, worms, spyware and adware. It is important to always take care when visiting websites and particularly take care when downloading anything online.

It is vital to have an anti-virus program on your computer and most people do have them but not as many people have a registry cleaner and really it is just as important to keep your registry in good order as it is to watch out for viruses. So protect your computer and install a good windows registry checker and your computer will run smoothly and make it much easier for you to use.

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Dennis Savoy. Visit for more information.

Windows Registry Checker

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How To Make Your Computer Work Faster

Computers always seem to be slower than you'd like. So how to make your computer faster again?

1. Make sure your anti virus software is up to date

New computers often come with a trial for popular anti-virus software such as Norton. But since viruses come out all the time, you need to make sure that you keep your anti virus software slap bang up to date. If you don't do this, there's a chance not only of getting your files or data corrupted but also of a nasty program running itself on your computer and slowing everything down.

2. Keep your firewall on

Most recent versions of Windows come with a firewall to help protect you whilst you are connected to the internet. Make sure that this is always switched on so that malicious programs can't creep in and use your computing power for their own ends.

3. Watch out for spyware

This is different from viruses, so there's a good chance that your anti virus software won't pick it up. Spyware does exactly what you'd expect from the name - it spies on you. Its cousin is Adware, which flashes up unwanted adverts or new unexpected browser windows. Both these types of software can be sloppily programmed and can therefore cause crashes and memory leaks, generally slowing down your computer.

4. Switch off unwanted background programs

Lots of software programmers assume that you will always want their program immediately to hand. Even if you only use the program once in a blue moon. It would dent the programmer's ego to learn that you weren't always using their program, so they often make sure that the setup program asks Windows to run their software every time it boots up. Sometimes they will ask your permission during the setup routine but often they just tick the "yes" box for you and let you decide that you'd prefer the program doesn't run all the time. The trouble is that all these different programs are using up computer power and memory. So they will be slowing down your computer, often without you knowing. Get ruthless - you probably don't care whether or not you have absolutely the latest version of iTunes or Adobe Acrobat so long as the software works. Double check online but you can almost certainly turn off the auto-updaters for most software programs and free up your computer power for yourself again.

5. Clear out the Registry

Specialist software is the safest way of doing this. The Registry is Windows equivalent of your attic storage combined with your garage combined with a handful of actually useful things. It stores information about your machine. But whilst most software is quite happy to install settings in the Registry, it's less happy to uninstall them when they are no longer needed. Quite often, even uninstall routines will leave scraps of completely useless information in the Registry. Which will slow Windows down when it comes to trying to find the settings it really needs.

6. Buy more memory

Modern software is memory hungry. Feed it more memory - you'll be grateful!

Author: Find out more about how to make your computer faster including the best software to use to speed up Windows. Sponsored by:

How To Make Your Computer Work Faster

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