How To Play Music On PSP

How to play music on a PSP? An easy guide.

Arrgh! Having trouble getting your music files onto your PSP? Drives you mad, doesn't it! I mean, you're not asking to strap-on a full function 3D multi-spatial holo-emmitter, you don't want a full immersion, virtual reality gaming suit add-on (although that'd be quite cool), you just want to listen to your tunes on your PSP.

Well you're not alone. Here's my simple method, avoiding the need for an angry impact of your precious PSP with the nearest brick wall. First off, you're going to need some music. The Sony PSP plays music in MP3 format only.

Here are your choices;

1.You can transfer (rip),music from your CD collection straight to your pc then download to your psp.

2.You can download music in the correct MP3 (PSP acceptable), format straight from a huge number of sources on the web.

3.You can convert music stored on other file types to MP3 format using a special converter and software.

So you're going to need a CD ripper, a PSP USB cable and a couple of minutes. As you've read this far it's fair to say, you're obviously the sort of person who wants to get the maximum out of your PSP: you're also going to want to transfer video to your sleek 'little friend', aren't you?? Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon and you're gonna want it easy. Well, save yourself some hassle and pick up a PSP video converter when you get yourself a cd ripper, then you'll have everything you need to watch video files and play music on your PSP.

All cd rippers and video converters come with the necessary software to make things really clean and simple. For a great 'one stop shop'see the link at the end. OK, so you're all 'tooled-up', plug your USB cable into your pc and your PSP (small end into the PSP). Good, now your pc and PSP can 'talk' to each other. Make sure you have the memory stick inserted. See the 'Home' button on your PSP? Give it a press.

Scroll through with the < > buttons until you come to 'settings'. Now the 'up' 'down' buttons until you see 'USB connection'. Select it by pressing 'X', it will now display the USB connection. Over to your PC. Your pc should now have recognised that it has your PSP plugged into it. (New hard drive/storage device etc.)

Open the PSP file on your pc. This file will have a caps letter indicator, probably 'H'. (It may be different on your pc - doesn't really matter what the letter is as long as you know that it's the PSP file). Make a new folder call it something easy to find like 'MYPSP'. Inside your new folder (MYPSP),create another and call it 'PSPMUSIC'.

Now you have somewhere to copy your MP3 music files from your pc and onto the PSP. Copy your ripped cd files and any other MP3 format files into this folder. OK you're done. Back to the PSP, to play your tunes. Turn it on, scroll to the music area, scroll to 'Memory stick', select the folder (Press 'X'). There you go, lo and behold all your music is now available to be played. Enjoy!

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Author: I love finding new features and functions on products I already own. You know what it's like, you buy a shiny new gadget, can't wait to check out all it can do, get it out the box and it ain't that simple! Argh! Hate reading manuals? You're not alone. Article Source:

How To Play Music On PSP


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