Bluetooth Helmets Explained

An increasing number of motorcycle helmets are making use of bluetooth technology to help owners make more of the riding experience. We offer an overview of what bluetooth helmets are all about.

To begin with, let's look at what bluetooth actually means. In basic terms, it's a form of wireless technology that allows various items of hardware to communicate. Those hardware items might range from computers to mobile phones. Unlike some other technologies, the range offered by bluetooth is actually relatively low - typically less than 30 feet.

When it comes to motorcycle helmets, the technology is used to enable owners to be able to make and take mobile phone calls while they are on their bikes. Such devices can be built into the helmet, ensuring that hands free operating is possible. This is vital since, in many countries, it is illegal to use a mobile phone whilst driving, unless it is hands free.

They are generally provided in such a way that you have some headphones that fit inside your speaker. You then have a microphone that protrudes from the front, allowing you to speak while you are driving. In essence, they are similar in design to many headsets that are currently on the market for internet based telephony.

The quality of helmets will vary considerably and the key is to find a unit that offers a good combination of comfort and quality. There's no point using one if it fits so poorly that you don't like using it. Similarly, there is nothing more frustrating than attempting to communicate when the sound quality is poor.

You can compare prices and reviews by using a number of websites that are currently available. Bluetooth helmets are here to stay and the quality of the devices is sure to improve in future years.

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Bluetooth Helmets Explained


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