How To Connect The Nintendo Wii To Your TV

It really is essential that when you purchase a Wii, you make absolutely full use of it. But how do you do this? The most appropriate way is to connect it to an output device, a TV being preferable.

Upon purchasing a Wii, it is general practice that a multi-out plug for AV connection is included in the box. This device is imperative in order for you to be able to connect the consoles, not only to the television but also to the VCR.

How is it possible to check that your TV can connect to your Nintendo Wii? Looking at the back of your TV really is the best method. There will be present at the back of your television some colored sockets with an "Input" label. Therefore it is possible to make the appropriate connections. Exactly the same strategy applies to your VCR.

TV Connection Tips

There are a number of different things that can assist you when attempting to connect your Wii to your TV:

* AV inputs are generally round sockets which are made of metal.

* White, yellow and red are the different color types that they come in. The right audio input is relevant to the red connection. The mono sound or left audio input is relevant to the white connection. And the video input is relevant to the yellow connection. However, there are various different brands of television that only have one audio input.

* Locate the connection that is named A/V In. Do not attempt to connect your Wii to any connection that is labeled "Out". This will simply not function at all.

* When you are inserting the plugs that are found on your Wii AV cable ensure that you follow the color codes. It is necessary to turn your television to manual if there are no labels. By doing this you will find that they are generally well identified.

* The Input Select of your TV should be located if the cables are inserted into the correct connections and the Wii console is already turned on. This is when you can begin to view your favorite game. The TV remote control can be used, otherwise the front panel located on the television can simply be manipulated. The TV/Video button should be pressed. If there are many input channels, then simply continue to press the button until you locate the correct channel with the Wii console display.

For Your Computer Monitors

Many people choose to use their computer monitors rather than their televisions for playing Nintendo Wii. However, that can initially be difficult due to the fact that home consoles of Nintendo are only designed to be used in VCRs and home televisions, of course, with the assistance of RF or A/V connectors.

As computer monitors do not actually have RF or A/V connectors, then an alternative will need to be searched for. This alternative can be made by using a PC TV card. This works by inserting the TV card into your PC so that the console can be connected to the card. However, it is important to remember that the correct quality of image that you are looking for may not be received.

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How To Connect The Nintendo Wii To Your TV


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