How To Set Up Your Wii

Now that you have fought off the nasty crowds at the electronics store, and secured your Nintendo Wii system, got it home without incident and into your house, this is what you should do. Follow these steps to set up your Wii:

1) Remove the Wii from the box
2) Remove the AV cable and the AC adapter
3) Remove the stand plate, vertical stand, sensor bar and sensor-bar stand
4) Remove the Nunchuk and Wii Remote
5) Choose your location near the TV for your Wii and set it up vertically or horizontally
6) Connect the AV cable and the AC adapter to the Wii
7) Plug the AC adapter into a power outlet. Connect the AV cable to the input on your TV. Connect the yellow cable to the video input and the red and white cables to the audio inputs
8) Get out the remote control and put in the batteries
9) Turn on your Wii
10) The onscreen instructions will appear and you will be required to choose your language, location, time of day, etc.

How to set up your Wii Control

The Wii Remotes do not automatically bond with you Wii console. You will have to tell it to do so. The remote controls and arrives with your console is prebonded, but any additional Wii Remotes you purchase will have to be synchronized with your Wii in order to work smoothly with your console. There are two ways to accomplish this: the Standard Mode and the One Time Mode.

Standard Mode

To use the Standard Mode for connecting additional Wii Remotes to your Wii system permanently follows these steps:

1) Press the power button on your Wii console to turn it on
2) Remove the cover for the batteries on the back of the Wii Remote
3) Press the Sync button inside the cover
4) Open the door located over the SD card slot and on the Wii console
5) Press the Sync button inside that compartment
6) When the LEDs on the remote stop blinking, your synchronization is complete

One Time Mode

The One Time Mode does just that and allows your Wii Remote to work with a Wii other than the current synchronized remote. This is handy when you are at a friend's house. Follow these steps:

1) Press the Home button on the Wii Remote that is already synchronized with the Wii Remote that you intend to use
2) Select the Wii Remote Settings option
3) Select the Reconnect Option
4) Simultaneously press 1 and 2 buttons on the remote that you want to sync to the Wii console
5) When the lights stop blinking and your remote vibrates your remote has temporarily synchronized with that particular Wii console
6) The attachment of the remote should be shown on the screen as well

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I can't have it right now, as Wii is not readily available in my part of world :(

hey aman,

can i know why Wii is not part of your world?

Wii must be part of our world man...this Wii is cool 'must have' at home...

Thanks for the help, working fine now

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