Why Would You Need a Computer Headset?

There are many reasons you may need a computer headset. A headset for your computer just might be beneficial to you wether you use it in your place of employment or home. The list of reasons why can go on and on. Below you will find a compiled list of reasons that you might need a headset for your computer.


Privacy may be the biggest reason of all for you to invest in a computer headset. Perhaps, you are a transcriptionist and work on confidential audio files. Of course, you want to protect the privacy of your clients, so a headset for transcribing files may be something you need. Another privacy reason might be using your telephone over the internet. Most people when on a telephone call do not think about the possibility of their voice being heard by anyone other than who is on the other end. If the party you are conversing with on the other end of the phone, finds out others are hearing your conversation, they may not be so happy. Keep your callers happy by getting a computer headset for their privacy.


Computer games often come equipped with all of the great graphics and sounds you can imagine. Of course the graphics probably will not disturb anyone, but the sounds might. Playing computer games frequently, is an excellent reason to get a computer headset. This will keep the sound to a minimum and allow only the player to hear the sound effects from the game.

Voice Recognition

Because most computer headsets are equipped with a microphone, they come in very handy while operating voice recognition software. This great software types as well other things on command, using the sound and prompts from your voice. Another great reason you might need a headset for your computer.


If you are one that likes to chat online, a computer headset is something you should look into. More and more chat rooms are providing voice chat as a feature. Chatting online can be a pleasure with a noise cancelling microphone headset for your computer.

Although, there are many more reasons you may need a computer headset, the list above describes a few of the more common ones. Be sure you shop around and find one that is comfortable, and meets all of your needs for wanting a headset for your computer.

Author: Waldo Dingman has been a sound technician at a recording studio for over ten years. In his line of work, he has tested literally hundreds of different headsets and on http://www.bigheadset.com, he shares his in-depth analysis of different brands and models.

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