Olympus Digital Camera Review - Picture-Perfect Olympus SP-500 UZ

The Olympus digital camera is preferred by many photographers specifically for image quality, even though it may be lacking in some features found in other cameras in a similar price range.

Such is the case with the Olympus Digital Camera SP-500 Ultra Zoom.

Some who have tried this Olympus digital camera with its excellent 10X zoom lens have complained about the lack of an image stabilizer, but it seems all is forgiven when you take the broader picture (so to speak!) into account.

This Olympus digital camera is no mere point-and-shoot - even though the excellent price might lead you to believe that it is nothing special......

It is a true prosumer camera, with a range of powerful features to satisfy even serious photographers, as pointed out in a number of Olympus digital camera reviews.

Starting with the basics, the Olympus SP-500 UZ works with normal AA batteries, so you're hardly ever likely to be completely out of battery options. The camera is reasonably conservative as far as power consumption goes, sparing you from having to carry a whole bag of backups with you on your next field trip.

This Olympus digital camera has a solid grip and feel, much more like an SLR than like it's little consumer cousins, and as an aspiring or even expert photographer, you needn't feel self-conscious in public...

The versatility of this camera is accentuated in Olympus digital camera reviews. The Olympus SP-500 offers you enough manual control to do a lot of experimenting, which is what digital cameras are about! On the other hand, if you're still learning the ropes - or are just in a rush - it has at least 21 pre-set modes to help you out in a variety of situations.

In situations where the excellent autofocus system can't be expected to cope fully, you have the option of using the software-controlled manual focus. This is easy to set by navigating on your LCD screen.

Many photographers prefer to be able to manipulate and process the images on their computers afterwards, instead of relying on the camera's onboard processor. The Olympus Digital Camera SP-500 doesn't let you down in that respect. You can shoot in either RAW or JPEG format, or in a combination of the two.

A host of other features will enhance your digital photography experience. The Olympus digital camera allows you to edit images inside the camera, including red-eye removal and cropping. A number of external lenses can be attached to the Olympus SP-500 UZ, to expand the telephoto and wide angle abilities of the camera.

The generous 2.5 inch LCD screen helps a lot when composing and reviewing your pictures. Another plus is that the Olympus SP-500 uses the newer 1GB xD cards that facilitates storing of many more of your creatively captured images.

Anyone who enjoys photography as a hobby, and can invest some time getting familiar with new features, will find that a camera worth its price is the SP-500 UZ Olympus Digital Camera!

For more information visit Best-Digital-Photography.com

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Olympus Digital Camera Review - Picture-Perfect Olympus SP-500 UZ

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Do Video Games Breed Violent People?

You hear it on the news, you read about it in magazines and papers, and it's the accepted word on the street - our society is becoming increasingly violent, and this is largely due to video games. People often point at the selection of wear related, or violence related video games and in one fell swoop, tarnish all video games as causing nothing but a decrease in the moral standard of our society, and with the same sweep, tarnish all young people who play these games as either actual or potential thugs, who will do little more than hang around on street corners mugging people, or causing other distressful crimes.

Although at first glance it would appear that statistics offered by these people appear to bear testimony to what they say, on closer examination it becomes very quickly apparent that the truth is much farther from this portrayal of it......

It is a fact that the accident and emergency wards of hospitals see a good number of young people who have been admitted as a result of violent crime. In fact, the actual number of such cases has fallen quite dramatically in recent years, although no such decrease has been seen in the number of video games being played, or in their popularity. It is also a fact that the vast majority of these young people who have been involved in violent crime are regular players of video games.

But this statistic is woefully misleading. Since ninety percent of young boys play video games, it is always going to be the case that any random selection of boys will result in the vast majority of them being regular players of video games. It would make as much sense to identify all the young boys who volunteer for charity work occasionally, or take part in fundraising, and then identify how many of them play video games regularly. Since ninety percent of all boys play video games regularly, then these fundraising charity volunteers are going to mostly be gamers - but this is not to suggest that playing video games make you more charitable, in just the same way that playing video games doesn't make you a violent thug.

Forty percent of girls play video games, which is to say nearly half, so again, if nearly half of all girls admitted into hospital after being involved in a violent crime are branded as being there because of video games, it makes as much sense to suggest that by not playing video games, half the girls have ended up in hospital.

These are the statistics that those who have a deep mistrust of video games like to publicise, but upon closer inspection, these claims are wildly unfounded, based on hopelessly meaningless figures and provided as only half the truth. In fact, there is no evidence to suggest that playing video games makes a person become violent. The home life and upbringing has far more influence on a person's social and moral attitudes that a computer game.

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Do Video Games Breed Violent People?

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PS3 Vs Xbox 360 - Which Console To Use For Playing NCAA 09 Football

For all you gridiron fans out there, life just got sweeter thanks to the release of NCAA 09 Football. Other than McFadden on the cover, there are also plenty of new drool-worthy features on this version, available for Playstation, Xbox, Wii, DS and PC. Just imagine this: wider spaces, bigger holes, directional pump, play bluffs, enhanced passing control, open receivers and cutback lanes. You could also manipulate the ambience, with better customization controls and better-looking fields. And yes, enjoy the dynamic crowd in the sidelines with cheerleaders, mascots and more players getting in on the action. When there's so many of these waiting for your shaky hands to handle, where do you play? The PS3 or Xbox 360? We examine the pros and cons:

Play with PS3

Okay, so you probably weren't too happy with NCAA 08 playing on your Playstation. After all, you got into the action at just 30 fps (frames per second). Xbox players had it better - at 60 fps. Sony has heard your cry and answered your prayers. NCAA 09 can now be played on the PS3 at a faster, smoother 60 fps......

And if you want to be part of the Blu-ray DVD wave of the future, this is an excellent console to get. After all, there are other games out there that you want to immerse yourself in. Playing control and manipulation on the NCAA 09 is also much improved, so that's probably something you can perform deftly with the PS3. If you don't mind the occasional less-than-perfect color, images and graphics, go ahead and choose the PS3.

Play with Xbox 360

If it's graphics you're after, go with the Xbox. Per pound of muscle, Xbox 360 easily trumps PS3, even if Sony's release papers say otherwise. Its GPU is simply much more powerful, allowing you to enjoy the stadium views in all its pixilated glory. Vertex processing is also well worth it.

If you're talking high def, Xbox can deliver, something than PS3 can't, since its anti-aliasing technique is a wee bit backward than that of Xbox. Since you'll probably want to take pleasure in scoring that touchdown without feeling like you've been blinking the whole time, get your NCAA 09 Football game on the Xbox. After all, your hands may do all the work but your eyes are the ones doing the navigating. Give them a good treat.

Which one to use to play NCAA 09 Football with?

If price matters to you, get the Xbox 360. For one, the PS3 is more expensive, although you'll need to shell out additional cash to get HD-DVD on your Xbox. But with the faster rate of running NCAA 09 Football, there shouldn't be a lot of complaints on your part if you choose the PS3.

However, for the money and the sheer enjoyment of a great-looking game at its spiffiest, you might want to try the Xbox 360. NCAA 09 Football's latest enhancement suit this gaming system. But again, it still depends on your own inclinations.

Photo: http://www.dignews.com

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PS3 Vs Xbox 360 - Which Console To Use For Playing NCAA 09 Football

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World Golf Systems

You may have been lucky enough to play on a virtual golf game such as TopGolf, TopPutt or TopChip, each of these games has been created by World Golf Systems (WGS). Each of these games is based around an ID Ball System, which sees microchips incorporated into golf balls.

Established in 1997 was especially created in the UK to focus on the use of technology to bring golf to a wider audience. The initial idea was for TopGolf, which saw World Golf Systems work with the US Maxfli golf company to create a golf ball capable of being tracked without affecting the flight of the ball. This ultimately led to the game as it is today.....

With World Golf Systems's TopGolf there is no need to walk around a golf course and is a points driven game of golf that can be played indoors from within a specialised bay. What happens is that micro chipped balls are hit from a tee using real clubs, and the aim is to hit targets on the virtual landscape. These targets can range from 20 to 240 yards, and there is an instant visual recognition of how far and how accurate the shot was.

World Golf Systems have designed a game for five players that incorporates four different target based games; TopShot (hitting in order); TopBreak (creating snooker like breaks); TopPressure (short game practice); and TopPractice (distance and accuracy practice). There is though no game that mirrors a full round of golf.

World Golf Systems have launched three game centres to host TopGolf, one in Essex, one in Surrey and one in Watford. At these venues a game costs from £2.40 and £4.80 depending on day of the week and time when the game is played. These centres normally have about fifty bays where 5 people can play at one time, making it great for corporate events, birthday bashes and social occasions. These venues are great for golfers and non-golfers and there are instructors to give pointers if required.

World Golf Systems have followed the initial success of Top Golf with the launch of Top Putt and Top Chip. These other games are simpler versions revolving around putting and chipping, which have made them easier to place in amusement arcades and places like bowling alleys.

All in all World Golf Systems are well on their way to achieving their dream of creating a whole new leisure form.

Photo: http://www.pslplan.co.uk

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Author: Robert Grazian is an accomplished niche website developer and author. To learn more about world golf systems visit Fun Golfin for current articles and discussions.

World Golf Systems

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Digital SLR Camera Settings Tips For The Beginner Using A Digital SLR Camera

Shooting your photos digitally can be fun and easy but to get constant and consistent results you will need to learn how to sett up your camera properly. If you just starting out in with digital slr cameras we suggest starting out with a used digital slr camera, the cost to entry is more less and you get a better options than your traditional point and shoot digital camera. Every digital SLR camera is different but they all have camera setting as a menu items. We have created eight general tips that should help you start towards to road of constant and consistent results with your photography. So if you want great shots out of your used digital camera learn these seven tips backwards and forwards......

  • Adjust white balance manually to account for lighting conditions (especially fluorescent light)
  • Carry a small gray or white card with you to help you set the white balance.
  • Use a higher ISO rating to account for lower light conditions (Be careful not to go to high because the higher the ISO the higher/more the noise/grain)
  • Use Aperture and Shutter Priority modes to keep backgrounds in focus (aperture mode) or freeze fast-moving action shots (shutter priority)
  • Use Full Manual Mode to set both aperture and shutter modes together (though this can get complicated, use your histogram to judge the sweet spot)
  • Try burst mode to capture a bunch of shots, rapid-fire
  • Use histogram displays to quickly check if you have overexposed a shot
  • Use exposure bracketing to try the same shot at different exposure levels to find the one that ultimately looks best.

These tips will take some time to master. Be patient, persistent, and experiment you will be happy that you did.

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Photo: http://www.ubergizmo.com

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Author: Get the best deals on Used Digital SLR Cameras


Digital SLR Camera Settings Tips For The Beginner Using A Digital SLR Camera

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Casio EX-Z750 - Digital Camera - Cheapest Camera, Best Camera, What To Buy

If you're reading this right now your probably considering purchasing a digital camera right now but aren't quite sure which one to purchase. Some questions you may want to consider when purchasing a new camera are:

1.How much does the camera cost?

2.How long does the battery last?

3.How much is a replacement / spare battery?

4.How many mega pixels is the camera?

5.How much optical zoom is on the camera?

6.How big is the LCD screen on the camera?

These, along with many others, are some important questions you will need to ask your self when looking at different digital cameras to purchase. I have reviewed the Casio EX-Z750 digital camera and have been very impressed with the results and have, therefore, been so inclined to write this review about it.

1. How much does the camera cost? - A nice digital camera can get fairly pricey these days so it is important that you do some research and make sure you are buying the camera you need and want. For instance if you don't need a 12 Mega-Pixel camera, then don't buy it. The images will be larger and you won't receive any benefit for it since you don't need it. I would recommend a good online store such as http://www.shipanddrop.com - They carry only a few Digital Cameras but if they have the one you need their price is cheap and the quality is great. The link above points to the Casio EX-Z750 camera and is a steal at only $235.88.....

2. How long does the battery last? - A very important question to ask yourself when purchasing a new camera; How would you like to be taking pictures of that special moment when your daughter is on stage and go to snap a picture and suddenly your camera automatically turns of?. I can tell you from similar experience that when your digital camera dies when you need the most is not an enjoyable experience. The Casio EX-Z750 digital camera has a very high battery life - It comes with an NP-40 lithium battery that will take over 320 shots before going needing a recharge! That's nearly twice the amount of many other leading cameras, thats why I love this camera so much.

3. How much is a replacement / spare battery? - It is always good to have a backup battery with you in case you have an emergency when you forgot to recharge your battery or it is dead for whatever reason. Since most cameras don't come with a spare battery you may want to consider purchasing a second one. The cost of battery replacement is the main drawback I've seen to the Casio EX-Z750 at about $40 or more for a new battery. Again I would suggest http://www.shipanddrop.com for any camera accessories since they are very cheap for gifts.

4. How many mega pixels is the camera? - This can be an important feature, however, it depends on what purpose you need the camera. If you are planning on getting paid for your pictures or want extremely high quality pictures you may want to ensure the camera you purchase has a high number of mega pixels. The Casio EX-Z750 takes pictures at 7.2 mega pixels which is definitely a high quality picture. I wouldn't recommend anything over 8 mega pixels unless you have a specific purpose for it.

5. How much optical zoom is on the camera? - An important feature of each camera is how much optical zoom is on it, some companies put digital zoom on their cameras at high amounts like 10x or more, however, it is good to note that the quality of the digital zoom is very poor that is why it is important that you make sure the camera has a good amount of optical zoom on it. A fair and mostly standard amount of optical zoom on digital cameras today is 3x zoom. The Casio EX-Z750 camera has 3x optical zoom on it, although it doesn't exceed in this field it is sufficient. I would not suggest purchasing a camera with less than 3x optical zoom.

6. How big is the LCD screen on the camera? - Although this feature is not critical to the quality of pictures, it is just plain nice to have a big LCD screen to view your pictures. It does help, however, to view the quality of your pictures (make sure everyone is smiling) since you can see the image more clearly. Going back to the Casio EX-Z750 it has a nice big 2.5" LCD screen.

It is important to note that there are other features of a digital camera that are important, however, these are the ones I have found the most important. Overall the Casio EX-Z750 is a great digital camera in my opinion and I would suggest it to the average consumer. I hope this article was helpful to you in your new digital camera purchase.

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Author: Tom Jackson is specialist in reviewing products and Third party Verification, go to http://www.trusttheseller.com to learn more about Trust Seals.

Casio EX-Z750 - Digital Camera - Cheapest Camera, Best Camera, What To Buy

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