Will DirectX 10 Be Good For Gaming?

DirectX 10 is the current talk of the town in PC gaming. The promises that DX10 have made has breathed new life into PC gaming that routinely called a dying breed. It is touted as bringing a new era to PC gaming. Is all this buzz really worth getting excited about? Let's take a look...

With any brand new technology that is introduced, there is always a period where the rest of the industry needs to play catch up. It takes time before it is fully taken advantage of the way it was planned. But how long to PC gamers truly have to wait until DX10 comes into full fruition?

How long will it take before DX10 can bring gamers those amazing graphics they drool over in screenshots and videos to their own PC's in their own homes? To the layman, all of it can be very confusing. New buzz words and terms come out every year and getting a grip on what they all mean can be very demanding......

First off, what exactly is DirectX? It is a development tool made by Microsoft that lets developers make games with higher performance. Anthing from the graphics, sound, and even network functionality is developed through DirectX. There have been many revisions of DirectX, each bring about new techniques for eye candy and better performance. And now with Vista, we have DX10. Each interation brings us closer to having true gaming realism.

Within DirectX are what are called API's. This stands for application programming interface. They act as a bridge that allows the software and hardware to communicate with each other. They are what allow our games to bring us the graphics and sound we know and love.

Hardware makers like nVidia are now creating GPU's with tons more capability and power than we've seen in the past. Video cards like the GeForce 8800 provide better image quality and can even process video for Blu-ray playback. So DirectX 10 is not just for gamers, being able to process Blu-ray videos will give any entertainment enthusiast something to cheer about.

Gaming computer makers are also now creating computers that come with these DirectX 10 capable cards.Companies like Alienware, Dell, and Vigor are now in full swing in carrying a fleet of DirectX 10 capable computers.

But all this hardware isn't any good without the games to run on all of it. But don't worry. There is a whole slew of DirectX 10 capable games out now and even more are scheduled to come out in the next year. Some of the biggest games of 2007 were DX10 capable. Crysis and World in Conflict to name a couple award winners.

One of the biggest advantages that DX10 provides is power it gives to developers to develop better games easier and faster. This is good for the gamer as we'll be seeing a much wider variation in games and more to choose from all of which provide a better experience.

So is DirectX 10 still worth all of the buzz in the end? Absolutely. But, it will definitely take some time before the gaming industry catches on and us gamers see the results were are looking for. With all new technology, it takes time before you see the results that the original designers had envisioned. But, rest assured we'll be there soon!

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Author: Aaron Guhl a long time PC gamer and has followed the industry closely. He works in the IT industry and has a tremendous love for working with computer hardware. He also develops websites on the side which he writes articles for. Visit http://www.8800-video-cards.com for more information on DirectX 10 and GeForce 8800 video cards that support it.

Will DirectX 10 Be Good For Gaming?


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