The Basics Of Understanding VoIP

What is VoIp ? It's voice over the internet calling from your computer. People across the world are finding that internet phone service is the new easier way to communicate. Unlike traditional land line phone service Internet phone service lets users make cheap phone calls using their broadband internet connection and an internet phone.

Choosing a provider you can trust and that offers the latest features and technologies makes internet phone service easy and fun.


Lets say you live in Mexico City where you use your VoIP phone. Your mom lives in Miami, Her area code is 786. You could get an telephone number in the 786 area code that rings in Mexico City. Now mom dose not have to pay long distance chargers when she calls you. There is no limit to the amount of telephone numbers you can have and they will ring anywhere in the world you connect using your VoIP phone number......

Keeping Your Existing Number.

If you would like to keep your existing phone number and wish to purchase, You can choose a lite line service or use a service like US/Canada Unlimited Plan.

If you would like a new phone number and wish to purchase a plan from the area you can select to Purchase Phone Number, a Pay as you go type, in addition to the Did phone number More on (DID number on our next post).

Or choose a US/Canada unlimited plan which provides a flat rate monthly plan perfect to replace you existing your existing phone service (Virtual DID phone Number can be added to any of service that support DID's).

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The Basics Of Understanding VoIP


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