Vista Problems 3 - 3 Methods To Accelerate Boot Time

Background services have increased 30% or more in Vista, despite the introduction of Superfetch to speed up the boot time. Vista needs lots of RAM to take advantage of Superfetch and its' own features. In this article, I will show you 3 simple ways to speed up boot time.

Method #1 - Add more RAM

This is my favorite way to increase Vista overall performance! You will notice dramatic decrease in boot time when 2 GB RAM or more installed. If you have limited budget, then try the next method.

Method #2 - Use ReadyBoost

You can use your normal memory stick (some called it flash drive) to accelerate the speed. Not all memory stick are Vista compatible, however there are some tricks to force ReadyBoost on none-compatible memory stick.

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE->Microsoft->Windows NT->CurrentVersion->EMDgmt, you should see few USB devices list, select one of them which represent the memory stick you want, change the "Device Status" to a value "2". If the "ReadSpeedKBs" and "WriteSpeedKBs" is below "1000" in hexadecimal, change to "1000".

Unplug your USB memory stick and re-plug again, you should be able to configure your USB for ReadyBoost! This is a cheap way to do, better than nothing. However, you really need a to get a faster drive.

Method #3 - Disable unused background services

Disables any excessive background services. Especially effective for home user who does not need many of the services; They you can free more resources for other application. Do not let unused services dominate the precious resources. Go to do some research on each service before trying anything, or you might disable some important items.

If you do these 3 methods correctly, you can cut down your boot time by half or more!

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Vista Problems 3 - 3 Methods To Accelerate Boot Time


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