Vista Problems 1 - How To Fix Slow File Transfer And Download?

Vista takes advantage of more advanced hardware, such as the hybrid hard disk, Gigabit network... Welcome to the future! However, if you are just like me, and other majority people out there, you need to disable some advanced features to optimize the speed for your current hardware.

Disable 2 features below to restore your file transfer and download speed. You can expect 20% to 40% increase in speed, but I doubt that Vista can run faster than XP in normal condition.

Feature #1 - Remote Differential Compression (RDC)

RDC will compare, compress and transfer multiple files across low bandwidth connection, such as the Internet. However, this feature needs to be supported by remote computer, and it will compare the files and update only the newest version. It creates overhead between connections, slows down high bandwidth and local drives' transfer rate.

To disable it, go to Control Panel -> Programs -> Turn Windows Features On or Off, locate "Remote Differential Compression" and uncheck it. Restart you computer.

Feature #2 - TCP Auto Tuning

Despite how great its' sound, in actual fact, it creates more overheads and problems. Vista will constantly monitor and fine tune your network connection, but some unsupported hardware will block and delay the operation.

To turn off TCP Auto Tuning, go to command prompt with administrator rights (press Windows key, and type "cmd. exe" without quote, then Ctrl+Shift+Enter), type "netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disable" to disable it. Use "netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=normal" to re-enable it.

If you tun off TCP Auto Tuning, please do the manual settings according or your Internet connection will not be optimized.

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Vista Problems 1 - How To Fix Slow File Transfer And Download?


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