The #1 Reason Your Computer Slows Down -- And How to Fix It

Surprisingly most people think that slow computer performance is due either to a hardware problem or a virus. Actually, this is rarely the case. 95% of the time when your computer starts to operate poorly by taking longer to load things and crashing in freezing more often, it is because of one easily correctable situation -- a corrupted Windows registry.

Your Windows registry is the key component that makes your operating system work. Without it, you could do nothing on your computer. It gives all the commands to the different programs in your computer to run smoothly and effectively. The problem is most people do not even know it exists, much less realize that it needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly.

Left on its own, your Windows registry will quickly fill up with duplicate files, fragmented pieces of information, errors in file paths and unnecessary keys. The good news is that you do not even have to familiarize yourself with what any of this means. Instead, use a software that automatically cleans and maintains your Windows registry for you.

There is a variety of different software that can do this. However, my favorite is RegCLEAN.

RegCLEAN can be downloaded for free. You can use it to run a scan on your registry to uncover all the problems that it currently contains. Don't be surprised to find if you have hundreds of problems within your registry. A friend of mine had 393 problems with his registry. Another friend had even more -- 692!

Unfortunately many people who are unaware of RegCLEAN often will shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to stores or individuals to fix their computer. The dirty little secret that they don't know is often a computer repairman will run software just like RegCLEAN to fix all the problems. They just don't inform you that they did this, or that your computer needs this done consistently in order to operate at its best.

When using RegCLEAN, it will automatically repair and tuneup your PC. You can choose to watch the scan in progress is or simply let it run in the background. At the same time, when you use this program you can have it scheduled to complete scans when it is convenient for you. This will automate the maintenance process.

Since it's free, you should go to their website and get a scan on your computer now.

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The #1 Reason Your Computer Slows Down -- And How to Fix It


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There is software Digeus I recommend it when there are problems with operational system. I also recommend Tune Up Suite. It restores system to a healthy state.

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