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What Is The Windows Registry?

The windows registry is a directory which stores the settings and options for the operating system for Microsoft Windows. The registry contains the information and settings for all the hardware, operating system software, most non-operating system software, preferences for the computer and more. Changes that are made to the control panel settings, installed software, file associations or system policies theses changes are stored in the registry.

The registry contains two elements - keys and values.

The keys are like folders as each key can contain sub-keys and those sub-keys can contain more sub-keys. The keys are reference with a syntax, a bit like path names with backslashes to show the different levels.

The values are data pairs stored within the keys and are referenced separately from keys. The windows API functions that query and manipulate registry values take the value names separately from the key path.

What If There Are Problems With The Registry?

There are occasions when a computer can become overloaded and will no longer accept data or may misplace data that is stored in it. If this happens then it is time that your registry will need fixed.

So how do you fix the registry?

Fixing the registry is not all that easy but having said that it's too hard either and there are many programs that you can get for fixing and keeping your registry clean.

Basically to fix the registry you need to change all the registry information back to its original default settings or repair any errors within the settings.

It is vital to do backups of your registry so that you are able to retrieve your original settings if the need arises. If your registry is unable to be repaired then having a backup is the only way for you to get your original settings back.

Many of the programs available to help keeping your registry running smoothly will have features to enable you to do backups and restore of the registry. These programs will create system restore points so that they can repair your system back to what it was at that point.

If your computer is running very slowly and not as efficient as it should be then it is quite possible that you may have a problem with your registry. Your computer may have something as simple as incorrect program shortcuts that may be causing applications to run slower or launch slower and in some cases may stop working altogether. By having a registry cleaner installed on your computer it will find and remove little headaches like these and improve the performance of your PC.

Registry checkers can be scheduled to run to whenever you want it to. You can set it up to run when your computer first starts up or to run daily, weekly or monthly.

These programs will then automatically scan for problems and repair any that are found.

A registry cleaner will find and remove any invalid class keys and shell extensions that may be really slowing down your PC speed. A cleaner will clean up any registry keys that are not being used and are of no value to your computer and all they are doing is slowing it down. You can also improve the start up speed of your computer by managing the start-up items and choosing which programs you want to launch each time you start your computer. Often you will have software that starts automatically each time your computer starts up and if you don't need this software to do that then it is just slowing down your start-up speed. You may also have missing programs in the start-up area of the registry that can cause your computer countless problems and a good registry cleaner will be able to find and delete those.

There are many registry cleaners available on the internet and they are programs that are specifically designed to fix registry problems on computers.


There are many other things that can cause your computer to have problems and run slowly like viruses, worms, spyware and adware. It is important to always take care when visiting websites and particularly take care when downloading anything online.

It is vital to have an anti-virus program on your computer and most people do have them but not as many people have a registry cleaner and really it is just as important to keep your registry in good order as it is to watch out for viruses. So protect your computer and install a good windows registry checker and your computer will run smoothly and make it much easier for you to use.

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