Laptops and Security

Year from year more and more often, people try to find some ways how to spend more time working out of office. And technologies really help them – laptops, wireless internet, other mobile devices, and people have more choice possibility when work and when relax!
But always there is another side – not so positive side!

If you get laptop only to your personal usage, then you need to be prepared, that every one can get access to your privet files- pictures, contact information, calendars, etc. And also thief can use your laptop to get access to your bank account details or even social security number!

If your laptop was provided by your employer, the security risk is even greater. A recent study conducted by the FBI found that 57% of computer crimes were linked to stolen laptops, which were then used to break into corporate servers later on. (
This breakage can cost company a lot of money in the loss of the computer itself, the loss of the data on the computer and the use of the computer to hack into the company’s main computer systems.

So safer and cheaper will be, if you pays to look after your laptop and read some of these useful information security awareness tips.

Personalize your computer.
If your computer will be with some personal identification tag, then thief will not likely to steal computer with your name on it! And also it is less likely to sell such as to pawn shop.

Travel with another employee or a friend.
Some notebook thefts are committed right where your carry on luggage is examined. He waits for a notebook on the conveyor belt and grabs it while the owner is distracted. So, if you go with someone else, one of you can watches the other’s possessions coming out on the conveyor belt while other dealing with security personnel.

Use neutral briefcase for your laptop
Don’t use computer briefcase that scream “Notebook computer” to every thief in the area. Instead, use a backpack made for notebook computers or other luggage that does not indicate there is a notebook computer in the case.

Use security cable.
If you are using your notebook computer in the lounge area, use a security cable to attach the computer to something like the desk you are using the computer on. These cables are between $20 and $50 in most computer stores and lock computers to where they are being used.

Back up your data.
There is many ways how to backup your data – on CD’s, to your corporate network or back up services such as the one Yahoo! Offers in its briefcase service. No matter how you back up yours computer information, you can access it easily with your new computer.

Encrypt document to your computer.
To do it, you can use encryption software. These software codes your documents so only you and others with the right password can read them. The basic level can be downloaded for free in many cases from the publishers of the more complex versions of encryption software which you can buy in most computer stores or even online for as much as $100 and expensive.

The value of the information ON a laptop is usually much greater than the cost OF the laptop itself.

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