How My Blackberry Set Me Free!

In today’s world of instant connectivity and access from almost any spot in the world, mobile technologies have set the executive free. Free to travel on business, take time away from the office, and yet still remain in contact wherever you need to be. Take a look around next time you are in the airport, at a restaurant for lunch or even on the city bus. You see business people connected via Blackberry (or some other version) technology everywhere.

Do you remember the days when you needed to be in the office to field phone calls, have meetings with staff, and work on correspondence? You do not have to go back that far to the only time you were able to send email, book appointments or complete tasks was in the office. Plus, it was just a few years ago that email became an industry norm for communications in the marketplace.

With the emergence of Blackberry technologies and other mobile technologies, executives, sales people and others became able to freely network, attend conferences and visit clients while still keeping in contact with the office to take care of critical emails and other bits of information.

How has my Blackberry set me free? Since I changed from a normal cell phone to a Blackberry, I can now take time away from the office to attend an event at my son’s school, attend meetings with clients, vendors and other business colleagues. Also with my mobile solution I can easily take time out of the city and still attend to business correspondence. The party at the other end may not even be aware that I am out of town.

Since switching to a Blackberry solution, I am now more productive, attack client issues with an immediate sense of urgency and achieve outstanding results. The only challenge with a Blackberry solution is that long winded emails can lose their point due to the smaller screen on the Blackberry.

The advantages of being connected in today’s world definitely outweigh the disadvantages. I love having the ability to be in communication with all of my business dealings while keeping my finger on the pulse of my business. Most people who welcome this technology and invest in it are of this mindset. I have this connection yet I also have the power to control whether I want to be in contact with the office or my emails. I can shut the unit off when needed because I decide if I am available for immediate access.

For those who do not want to have consistent communication with your work then the Blackberry is not for you. The Blackberry has been unofficially dubbed as the “Crackberry” by some and it can elicit an immediate reaction when it goes off. However, when you are swimming in success because you are the “go to” person, because you have the ability to communicate fast and effectively with your clients and those looking for information on your product offerings—well, to the others that cannot relate to this or perhaps feel that this technology is intrusive, please step aside and let us who embrace the technology continue to win.

Author: Stuart Crawford is a business leader in the Calgary, Alberta small business computer consulting business. His company IT Matters is a leader in providing remote connectivity solutions for the Calgary Small Business marketplace. IT Matters is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Small Business Specialist, visit IT Matters online at or email Stuart at


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