World Of Warcraft Gold Tip - Easily Make Hundreds of Gold Every Week!

I don't know how long you've been playing World Of Warcraft, what level you are, or how many times you've tried out gold making ideas that just didn't work... Well the good news is that it's a lot easier if you know the right items to get, and how much to sell them for, and even when the best time to sell them is.

I haven't been playing since beta. I just picked this game up about a year ago when my wife got me addicted. I used to call her a dork for playing, now I have several World of Warcraft websites, a guild and my own addiction... If you can't beat em, join em.

The reason I'm telling you that is because it doesn't someone who's been around forever to have fun, make loads of gold, and run a successful guild. Anyway, back to the easiest way I know to consistently make hundreds of gold every week.

If you've been looking around for gold making ideas you've probably heard people talking about buying and selling recipes in the Auction House. Well they're right and you can make a few gold profit from selling recipes. I've been doing it for a long time, and it just plain works. But my best money maker... the hottest selling recipe ever? Well that's easily First Aid Books.

They sell fast cause LOTS of people need them, some times I'll put 5 on the auction and they're gone in an hour. There's three kinds that are sold, and you buy them for 50s - 1g....roughly. I sell mine for 3g 64s. They sell hot and I make 2.5-3g from each sale.

If you've been reading this and not trying it... then you're probably still wondering how to make gold. If you've been experimenting with it, you're probably playing the game not too worried about gold right now.

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World Of Warcraft Gold Tip - Easily Make Hundreds of Gold Every Week!


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