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You may have been lucky enough to play on a virtual golf game such as TopGolf, TopPutt or TopChip, each of these games has been created by World Golf Systems (WGS). Each of these games is based around an ID Ball System, which sees microchips incorporated into golf balls.

Established in 1997 was especially created in the UK to focus on the use of technology to bring golf to a wider audience. The initial idea was for TopGolf, which saw World Golf Systems work with the US Maxfli golf company to create a golf ball capable of being tracked without affecting the flight of the ball. This ultimately led to the game as it is today.....

With World Golf Systems's TopGolf there is no need to walk around a golf course and is a points driven game of golf that can be played indoors from within a specialised bay. What happens is that micro chipped balls are hit from a tee using real clubs, and the aim is to hit targets on the virtual landscape. These targets can range from 20 to 240 yards, and there is an instant visual recognition of how far and how accurate the shot was.

World Golf Systems have designed a game for five players that incorporates four different target based games; TopShot (hitting in order); TopBreak (creating snooker like breaks); TopPressure (short game practice); and TopPractice (distance and accuracy practice). There is though no game that mirrors a full round of golf.

World Golf Systems have launched three game centres to host TopGolf, one in Essex, one in Surrey and one in Watford. At these venues a game costs from £2.40 and £4.80 depending on day of the week and time when the game is played. These centres normally have about fifty bays where 5 people can play at one time, making it great for corporate events, birthday bashes and social occasions. These venues are great for golfers and non-golfers and there are instructors to give pointers if required.

World Golf Systems have followed the initial success of Top Golf with the launch of Top Putt and Top Chip. These other games are simpler versions revolving around putting and chipping, which have made them easier to place in amusement arcades and places like bowling alleys.

All in all World Golf Systems are well on their way to achieving their dream of creating a whole new leisure form.


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World Golf Systems


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