How To Watch Your Favorite Videos And DVD Movies On Your Zune

Portable multimedia devices are becoming incredibly popular. More and more people are jumping on the portable multimedia bandwagon and it's easy to see why. After all, with your favorite movies, music and photographs at your fingertips any time you want, you always have something to keep you busy.

Many companies are producing their own portable multimedia players these days, including Microsoft, who produces the Microsoft Zune portable multimedia device. The Microsoft Zune has all of the amazing features one would expect from an industry powerhouse, such as Microsoft. You can listen to your favorite music on your Microsoft Zune, of course, but one of the best features the Zune has is the ability to allow you to play your favorite DVDs.

Of course, converting your DVDs to a file format that your Zune can recognize may take a little time and effort. In order to do that, you need three major things. First, you need a desktop or laptop computer. Second, you need that computer to have a DVD Rom drive. Third, you need to find, download and install a computer software file conversion program......

There are numerous file conversion programs available online. The most important thing you should look for, when choosing one, is a software program that can convert DVD files to MP4 format, which will be readable by your Microsoft Zune multimedia player.

Another important thing to consider, when choosing a DVD file conversion program, is the time it will take. After all, you do not want to spend hours trying to copy a single movie to your Zune.

A third thing you may want to think about is price. Some DVD conversion software is free. Other software costs money. What will work best for you depends on what you plan to use the software for, so do a bit of research before you choose one.

Some conversion programs also have extra features you might want to consider, as well. For instance, if you want to put just part of a DVD onto your Zune, you may want to get a conversion program that lets you select chapters of a DVD to copy, instead of making you copy the entire DVD. That feature is especially handy if you want to copy an episode of your favorite TV show, rather than an entire disc of the show, which is usually several episodes long.

So, once you have the proper conversion software, you can easily start watching your favorite DVD's on your Zune. You'll never have to deal with boredom again on long trips or while waiting for appointments. You'll have a constant companion wherever you go and be able to watch movies on your Zune any time you want.

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How To Watch Your Favorite Videos And DVD Movies On Your Zune


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yes, for years ago, zune is very popular for playing video files. any now, personally, tablets has take the place of zune and some other small media players.

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