Creating iPod-Ready Video Clips

Last year the fifth generation iPod was launched. The best thing about this latest release is its ability to store and play videos. However, the public was disappointed because the iPod’s companion software, iTunes, is unable to convert existing videos to a format that can be read by the iPod.

During that time, a third party software is required to be able to convert video clips for iPods. This is not the case anymore because the newest iTunes 6.0.2 comes with a video conversion tool to be able to transform video clips into an iPod-compatible format. As a typical Apple product, the conversion tool is subtly integrated into iTunes, so not everyone is able to maximize this feature. Here is a little tutorial to help you convert your video clips.

iTunes 6.0.2 is capable of converting Quick-Time compatible video formats into iPod-ready video files. These formats can be MOV, MPEG and MP4. These files are converted to H.264 format video. This handles videos that are 320 pixels wide. iTunes does not allow reconfiguring this setting. The format is great when the videos are viewed in iPods, but if these files are viewed on TV or PC, the quality is not as good.

The first step is to add your video clips to your iTunes library. This can be done by simply dragging and dropping them into your iTunes library window. Select the files you want to convert and then right click on your mouse button. A menu will popup and you have to select the option “Convert Selection for iPod”. iTunes will automatically convert the selected files into an iPod-ready video format. You will be able to monitor the status of the conversion process by clicking on “Source” and then “Converting Songs”.

After converting your video clips, you now how two files with the same content. You may delete the older file. It is very easy to distinguish between the two files. All you have to do is to check the file properties and look at the “Date Added” column.

Now that your video clips are compatible to your iPod, you may now transfer the files and begin viewing your favorite video clips anytime and anywhere!
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Creating iPod-Ready Video Clips


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