TomTom ONE GPS Review

I had recently purchased a TomTom ONE GPS Systems for my car. Here is my own opinion/review of this product. First off this system came with a 1GB memory stick for your applications and maps. The TomTom One GPS System was around $349 at Best Buy. I love this device because you can mount it in your vehicle as well as carry it around wherever you go. It usually connects to about 8 out of 12 satellites available. I have had this device for about a year now and it has only got me lost twice, but that might be because I’m always to lazy to update it.

The other day my buddy was in my car, and he had the urge to try to hooked up his Bluetooth cell phone to my TomTom ONE GPS to see if it would give us weather, traffic reports, etc. It indeed gave us weather reports, but we could not get the traffic reports to work. It would come up with a green button in the top right hand corner but never notified us of anything else, so we weren’t sure if it was even working or not.

The TomTom ONE GPS also has a option for “Night Colors”, which is great in my opinion. I mean who wants a bright light glaring in the face from the GPS? Night mode changes all map colors to darker colors so you can still see them at night but they don’t blind you while you are trying to drive. I have noticed that the TomTom ONE GPS, has a option for TomTom Plus Services. I guess you can pay $15.00 a month or so and receive instant map updates as well as POI(Point of Interest) updates from this service. I personally am not in the car enough to pay for it, but some people may desire to have this.

In a nutshell, I think the TomTom ONE GPS Navigation System is well worth the money. I just recently moved to Florida and have no clue where I am going. The TomTom saves me from having to ask people where to go or to get on Google Maps every time I want to get somewhere.

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TomTom ONE GPS Review


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